ACOM Healthcare Business Division Launches RAPID EPM v. 10.4.1; New Version of Chiropractic Office Management Software is Optimized for Multi-site Practices

November 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
JACKSONVILLE, Florida, November 14, 2007 – Accommodating the current trend towards multi-site practices, the ACOM Healthcare Business Division has introduced RAPID EPM v. 10.4.1, a new version of its chiropractic office management software that is optimized to speed and simplify the business management activities of geographically dispersed offices, it was announced today by Division Vice President and General Manager Gregory T. Church. Several multi-site practices are currently implementing or commencing use of the new version.

The business management component of ACOM’s RAPID Complete chiropractic software suite, RAPID EPM features customizable encounter-driven scheduling and billing processes that enable doctors and allied specialties to improve collections, enhance efficiency, and manage staff, patients and contracts more effectively. It is comprised of four core components: Scheduling Management, Patient Account Management, Billing and Collections Management, and Enhanced Practice Management.

RAPID EMR, the professional component, allows doctors to automate SOAP notes and treatment coding, with interim and final reports generated directly from the patient file. All of the information is stored in an electronic patient file and is available to the business software for billing and patient management as well as practice management.

“Multi-site practices present additional complications for doctors accustomed to operating out of a single office,” Church said. “Among the dangers are that patients might be sent to the wrong office, that patient records might be hard to access and maintain, or that workflow might be impeded. RAPID EPM 10.4.1 provides a clean overall environment, improves workflow and virtually eliminates the possibility of errors stemming from a complex professional environment.”

In the multi-site office configuration, a centralized server housing the RAPID software and the central database is located at the primary office. RAPID EMR users – usually equipped with a tablet computer and on-board EMR software — are linked via a virtual private network (VPN) to the database, building records generated as they examine and treat their patients. The RAPID EPM software resides only on the central server. Staff at the remote offices communicates with the central server via terminal services, which allows them to log on directly to the software and the database from desktop, laptop or tablet computers for all management purposes.

“This approach makes optimum use of the network and allows multi-site locations great flexibility – for example, to set up default locations for users and to assign patient self-registration/information kiosks to specific locations,” Church said. “It simplifies work flow and prevents confusion. Remote users see only the kiosks for their own locations, eliminating the possibility of patients being sent to wrong kiosks and thus to the wrong treatment locations.”

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