12-Year-old Motocross Champ of Argentina and S. America to Race in Florida Olympics Nov. 19 - 24

November 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Alachua, FL – Claudio “Nico” Leocata, 12, entered his first motocross race in his hometown of Buenos Aires Argentina when he was just 5, and just 7 years later he is the champion of his country and entering his first race in the United States.

“Nico has over 100 trophies in his house. For Nico the world has two wheels. He doesn’t know any other way. Besides Argentina, he also competes in South America internationally. This is his dream, to race in the United States,” said his uncle Javier H. Cafaro, who has helped as Nico’s manager, and now lives in Plantation, FL.

Nico has done nothing but live, eat, and sleep motocross all his life. He goes to school each morning and trains long hours every afternoon, according to Cafaro.

Nico dreams of racing in the U.S. His favorite subject in school? English. His favorite rider is U.S.A. Champion Ricky Carmichael. But his favorite food comes from home, an Argentine barbecue.

“His parents are just like any other parent. They worry about his safety, his weariness, and whether he eats well. They want to give him plenty of love and family support, because they know that Nico has a natural talent, and that this is what he was born to do,” explained Cafaro.

Nico has arrived in Florida and is preparing for his debut in the 36th Annual Winter National Olympics at Gatorback Cycle Park in Alachua, FL November 19th – 24th, organized by Unlimited Sports MX and AMA for motocross amateurs and experts.

The more than 100 trophies Nico has won include the annual national championship:
• 2002 – 1st MX Buenos Aires – 50cc. & 1st Copa Honda – 50 cc.
• 2003 – 1st MX Buenos Aires – 80cc. & 1st Copa Honda – 50cc.
• 2004 – 1st MX Buenos Aires – 80cc. & 1st Copa Honda -50cc.
• 2005 – 1st MX Buenos Aires – 80cc.
• 2006 – 1st Copa Honda – 80cc. & 1st C.A.M.O.D. Motocross – 80cc.
• 2007 – 1st MX Buenos Aires – 80cc.
• 2007 – 1st C.A.M.O.D. Motocross – 80cc.

It has not been easy for Nico’s parents, Claudio and Norma Leocata, but they say the sacrifice of time and money for Nico to pursue his talents are worth it. Nico also has two sisters and a brother who support his efforts.

Nico’s parents have purchased two new bikes for him to race in the U.S. The bikes he will use are a Honda Yamaha YX 125cc. from Riva Motorsports, in Pompano Beach, FL as well as a Honda CRF 150cc from AXO Sports in Valencia, CA. His experienced mechanic Rick Graley has prepared both bikes and Nico is using them to get ready for the race.

He is a member of the AMA in the U.S. and C.A.M.O.D in Argentina.

“He is coming to the U.S. to race to win. His goal is to be a famous racer,” said Cafaro.

How will he do? Watch number 72.

Nico Leocata

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