Claims management software solution to surge in pet claims

November 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
AquariumClaims, an innovative web-based claims management software solution developed by Aquarium Software of Hale, Cheshire, has the perfect solution to the surge in pet insurance claims. Pet cover is the fastest growing sector of insurance sales, resulting in a rising number of claims month-on-month.

Veterinary treatment is becoming more sophisticated, and therefore, increasingly expensive. Fees can easily add up to several thousands of pounds, and various insurance companies now offer different types of covers for pets, from cats and dogs to horses and birds. With the increase in the treatment costs for sick animals, the number of insurance claims have also risen proportionately and the claims industry needs to respond accordingly.

Fast and efficient handling of pet insurance claims has never been more pressing for the industry, and AquariumClaims has a timely solution. Version 2.1 of AquariumClaims case management software makes the process simpler, smarter and swifter for claims companies. AquariumClaims is a state-of-the-art claims management software solution specially designed for fast growth claims companies. Version 2.1 delivers even more benefits to the user, further speeding up the claims handling process.

“The British are famously fond of their pets, so it’s no surprise that pet insurance is such a fast growing sector of the industry. This means that the task for claims companies is more difficult now. There are a greater number of cases to handle, while claims companies have to work faster and more efficiently; this is where AquariumClaims delivers. The new and easy-to-use features in Version 2.1 make AquariumCaims an even better product, delivering greater simplicity and reliability to the claims handling process,” said Aquarium’s product marketing director Mark Colonnese.

AquariumClaims is designed to be quick to set up and tailored to individual business requirements. Aquarium offers an innovative pay-per-usage model and uses the latest web-based technology, therefore it can give users a powerful solution at a cost that traditional software providers cannot match.

Aquarium has set up a “60 second” online test which allows claims companies to compare their current processes with state-of-the-art claims processing using AquariumClaims. The test is free and confidential, and the results are emailed back immediately to the user. Interested claims managers can take the AquariumClaims online test at

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Ref: ECA019 – Pet Insurance Claims