Unique service helps companies get on a fast track to enhancing applications with AJAX

November 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Mateo, CA, November 14, 2007 – Catalyst Resources, a recognized leader in user interface design for web applications, today announced a new service to help clients successfully AJAX-enable their web-based applications. AJAX Fast Track is a 30-45 day program that combines user-validation testing, UI architecture, visual design, AJAX best practices, and clickable code prototypes that can be rapidly extended to production applications. The result is a full implementation plan for optimizing an application's UI and adding AJAX where it can solve real world business problems and offer the best return on investment.

For Software as a Service (SaaS) and Financial Services applications, AJAX-enhanced UI’s are a proven way to improve bottom-line performance. External-facing applications benefit from increased online conversions, improved customer satisfaction and reduced customer support costs. Internal applications realize increased productivity, reduced support costs and faster delivery of new functionality.

"On the web, the new priority is innovation and optimizing the user experience, and the tools that encourage and support superior user experience have become the tools for survival and success,” said Paul Giurata, managing partner, Catalyst Resources. "AJAX is all about making the experience more compelling and providing users with more functionality via the web. Whether a company is using the technology to enhance an existing web application or to migrate a client/server application to the web, getting up to speed quickly will improve a company's ability to adapt and prosper in this environment.”

The AJAX Fast Track service announced today is a way for companies to minimize ramp-up time and adoption risk when AJAX-enabling their applications. It leverages Catalyst Resources proven process for optimizing application UI, but focuses on an accelerated and highly targeted result.

In 30-45 days, Catalyst provides:

1. Assessment of application to determine where AJAX would provide meaningful impact,

2. Refined UI architecture based on high-value scenarios and user-validation,

3. New visual design for key screens with AJAX components,

4. Identification and specification of optimal AJAX UI libraries (open source and commercial),

5. Code clickable model of essential key screens to validate AJAX UI, and

6. Detailed implementation plan and 4-12 month roadmap.

AJAX Fast Track addresses a wide range business initiatives including SaaS, financial services, enterprise portals, and ISV applications. “The challenge with AJAX is finding the optimum balance between business needs, technology potential, and enhanced user experience. Selecting the right AJAX toolkit or framework is critical," said Paul Giurata. "There are many different open source and commercial toolkits such as Backbase, GWT, YUI, and EXTJS. And there are scores of criteria to consider. So it is easy to misjudge priorities and invest in the wrong technology. The Catalyst Fast Track will ensure that a company develops with the right components that deliver real business advantages. "

About Catalyst Resources
Since 1994, Catalyst Resources has successfully delivered user interface design for more than 200 software applications to leading global and VC-funded organizations. Catalyst's user-validated, agile design approach to UI minimizes financial and functional risks while maximizing dependability and user satisfaction. Catalyst Resources specializes in the unique UI demands of Financial Services, Software as a Service, Rapid Application Design, and AJAX Application Design. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Catalyst Resources employs accomplished UI designers, information architects, developers and business professionals. More information about Catalyst Resources can be found at www.CatalystResources.com.