Introduces Contour Paks®

November 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The new Contour Pak® is filled with a water based non toxic gel that is gravity resistant which allows control over the distribution of the gel once the wrap is in place as it moulds to any part of the body. This is recognized as a major benefit as the gel can be easily pushed to specific problem areas and reshaped for greater and quicker relief. The gel stays flexible right out of the freezer on account of the inner lining which is a space age polymer specially designed to remain soft and moldable even in the coldest of temperatures.

Made of a soft and durable flannel like material that can be placed directly against the skin without fear of sunburn, the Contour Pak has strong seams and can be used to lie on the back without worrying about them giving way. The Pak™ can maintain a therapeutic cold for about 30 to 40 minutes which allows for the classic 20 minute wrapping time followed by 20 minute freezer time. The Contour Pak is fitted with elastic straps with Velcro™ to hold it snugly in place. Given the varying girths of users and body areas requiring therapy, the 12”× 2” Contour Wrap can be adjusted with the help of straps that can be adjusted from 14.5” to 21.5”.

Being reusable, the Contour Pak can be made to last for years as it only has to be pushed into the freezer once it gets soft after therapy.

Hoping to score on the effective pricing of the new addition to their website, Matt Jones, owner of states, “We are delighted to add the Contour Pak™ line of gel ice wraps to the internet’s leading cold therapy site. We are thrilled to be adding a wrap that retails for $ 25 that is so versatile, comfortable and effective.”

This new introduction of Contour Pak™ is targeted at anyone who needs cold therapy pain relief at home. This includes physically active people suffering from acute pain, those of all ages suffering from chronic pain and the elderly. At $ 25 per wrap, at home care does seem rather affordable.

About was founded in 2003 by their parent company Sporties Sporting Goods. They are the internet leaders in cold therapy pain relief wraps. They resell ten different brands of wraps covering every imaginable body part. Icewraps customers include US Army soldiers, Olympic athletes, Personal Trainers and parents everywhere to name a few. Their administrative Headquarters are in Lumberton, New Jersey.