This Basketball Season Hedge Funds vs. Malaria Challenges Fans To Crash The Madness With Madness Against Malaria

November 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
New York, NY Hedge Funds vs. Malaria (HFvM) announced today that
it's skipping the trading floor and getting hundreds of teams all over
the world focused on fighting malaria. The creative force taking
control is Madness Against Malaria.

During the last year students, grandparents, pr executives, religious
leaders, politicians, hedge fund managers, mothers, fathers, sock
monkeys, Met fans, Zambians, Malaria Zealots, Canadians, Italians,
Rotararians, the Tilsons, and many many others from over 50 countries
virtually banded together in the first Madness Against Malaria
Tournament. Since the Tournament's inception over $100,000 has been
collected, protecting over 40,000
children from the mosquitoes that spread the deadly malaria disease.

One hundred percent - that means all - of the funds collected are used
to purchase long lasting nets for $5 per net. Two children can sleep
under a net. Anyone and everyone is invited to form a team. On March
15, 2008 the top sixty four teams will compete in a March Madness type
bracketed tournament. The team that wins all six single week
elimination match-ups will be crowned with the Mad Bowl - Malaria Cup
Trophy. The first Malaria Cup was won by Beantown Beatdown of the
'Squiter, a team established by the Boston University School of Public
Health Rotaract Club. The club is comprised of Boston University
students dedicated to service-oriented activities, with a focus on
public health issues like malaria. The team was the 31st ranked team
at the end of the regular MAM season, but pulled off a series of
upsets to land in the "Mad Bowl." A last-round surge in donations to
the team helped it secure the championship.

The team that raises the most money during the season and the
tournament will be awarded the Malaria Prize. The first Malaria Prize
was won by Team USA, which was sponsored by Dukas Public Relations
(DPR), a New York-based public relations firm.

For more information on how to form a team, donate or learn about the
tournament please visit

In her speech at the White House Summit on Malaria, First Lady Laura
Bush said, "Concerned citizens can harness the potential of the
internet to launch creative fundraising campaigns. One group, Madness
Against Malaria, established an online "March Madness" fundraising
tournament. Sixty-four teams from around the world compete to see who
can accumulate the most online donations. The team that buys the most
bed nets wins the Malaria Cup trophy — and saves thousands of lives."

Lance Laifer, co-founder of Hedge Funds vs. Malaria and Madness
Against Malaria, said, "Now more than ever, as the world is starting
to wake up to the emergency that is malaria we invite all people from
all over the world to participate in what we believe is the world's
greatest endeavor, sporting or otherwise - saving a life".

Rob Mather, Founder of the Against Malaria Foundation and co-founder
of Madness Against Malaria said "It is very important for us that 100%
of the funds we receive buy nets and, furthermore, the nets end up
over heads and beds and we demonstrate that has happened. It is very
important for our donors to be able to see, via pictures and video
footage on the website, exactly where the nets have gone and what they
have helped make happen. Every 20 nets equates to one life saved."

About Malaria. Malaria is a vector-borne infectious disease caused by
protozoan parasites. It is widespread in tropical and subtropical
regions, including parts of the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Each year,
it causes disease in approximately 650 million people and kills
between one and three million, most of them young children in
Sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria is commonly-associated with poverty, but
is also a cause of poverty and a major hindrance to economic

About Against Malaria. AMF launched and ran World Swim Against Malaria
(WSM) on 3rd Dec 2005 in which more than 250,000 people swam and
fundraised. 100% of the US$1.3m raised purchased 270,000 long lasting
insecticidal nets (LLINs) which are now being distributed to protect
540,000 (mainly) children from biting insects when they sleep at
night. WSM takes place again on 5th April 2008. Madness Against
Malaria is one of AMF's initiatives. 100% of the money AMF receives
buys long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets (LLINs). Via distribution
partnerships, these nets end up over heads and beds and we demonstrate
that has happened. AMF is a 501(c)(3) US registered charity, federal
identification number 20-3069841.;

About Hedge Funds vs. Malaria. HFvM, which is a pioneer in the
collaborative global effort to eradicate malaria, preventable deaths
and misery from the world, is a group of people, not an organization,
and therefore does not raise any funds for itself (and has no plans to
raise money at any time in the foreseeable future). To learn more
about HFvM please visit our facebook group at guiding
principle is that even though all people are created equally all
charities are not created equally. Malaria is not about games or
charity. It is about life and death.