Pro-active Employers Reduce Re-Offending in Greater Manchester

November 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Greater Manchester based employers are helping to raise awareness of employing ex-offenders through an event being held on Monday 19th November from 15.30-18.00 at the Lowry at the Salford Quays through the EXit to Work programme.

The EXit to Work programme is a bold and innovative pilot that seeks to test the extent to which employers can contribute to reducing reoffending by providing good job opportunities and careers to ex-offenders. The event aims to encourage more businesses to become involved in reducing re-offending and contribute to safer and more economically healthy communities

Employer John Hughes, Director of Hughes Brother Building & Joiner, has recruited many people who have offended in the past, he said: “This method of recruitment has been excellent for my business and the communities in which we work, I would and have recommended this service to other employers, we all make mistakes, we have to be allowed to turn things around’

The event will raise awareness by allowing people to talk to other employers already working with ex-offenders, hear about the comprehensive support employers can receive from the Greater Manchester Job Developer and discuss access to a pool of skilled, motivated, job ready employees.

The EXit to Work programme matches the offender’s skills which they have acquired whilst serving their sentences to employment opportunities with various industries (such as construction, retail, hospitality and catering amongst others). The Job Developer checks the offender’s commitment not to re-offend and their employability.

Job Developer, Ann-Marie Hopkins who works on the EXit to Work programme said: “Unemployment amongst offenders contributes to social exclusion and demonstrably increases the chances of an individual re-offending therefore employment is crucial to diverting people away from re-offending.”

“Response from employers has been really positive; it’s really good to see the extent to which employers can contribute towards reducing re-offending in the Greater Manchester area.”

The Exit to Work programme is being run within the Greater Manchester Employer Coalition (GMEC) which is a network of over 300 local employers working together to make Greater Manchester a better place to live and work.