November 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
FireLogic, Inc. today announced that in honor of World Diabetes Day they will be releasing a new version of their HealthEngage Diabetes software and offering a 10% off discount when users enter the code WDD2007 during the month of November. HealthEngage Diabetes provides an easy, yet complete tool for Diabetics to enter their health information from any desktop computer or handheld device. FireLogic’s goal is to create the most powerful diabetes management software possible for Type I & II diabetics.

Features for the new version include support for direct upload from 17 glucose meters, a completely new diet section with over 10,000 foods including U.S., Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand foods, a new recipes section, search and meal planning for 125 different food nutrients, different diet type selection with integrated weight goal management, and expanded cardio health features.

The software is available for Windows (including Vista), Mac OS X (optimized for version 10.5), and Linux. It can also be used with Palm OS and PocketPC devices. A free trial version can be downloaded at http://www.HealthEngage.com

The HealthEngage system was an offshoot of the work FireLogic’s founders did at NASA on projects to let astronauts manage and improve their health when they were too far away for a house call. The HealthEngage System currently includes software for about a dozen disorders and also general wellness. The goal with HealthEngage Diabetes is to make it the best tool available for diabetics to manage their health whether they are just tracking glucose, diet, medications, tests, or a dozen other facets of their health.

The software is designed to be used by the individual but also has dozens of pre-configured charts and reports designed to be given to nurse educators and physicians to give key information to help them gain better insight into the patients’ condition. FireLogic also has a partnership with ADAM to provide diabetes care guides and peer reviewed educational materials via a multimedia educational version of HealthEngage Diabetes.

As FireLogic President Michael Slage explains, “We are pleased to support World Diabetes Day by releasing an even better version of HealthEngage Diabetes. Diabetes has no cure but by using a management tool like HealthEngage dangerous complications can be avoided and the quality of life for most diabetics can be raised.”

HealthEngage Diabetes is available to resellers, medical practices, diabetes educators, school districts, employee health programs and health management organizations. Private labeling and customization of unique modules such as medication compliance, nutrition, fitness, symptoms, is also available.

FireLogic is a leading provider of software, services and expertise for the collection and visualization of complex data. The company, founded in 1998, prides itself on its work with handheld, wireless, and desktop computing devices across diverse industries including healthcare, the environment, and employee/sales force automation.