Vamoose® Odor Remover Completely Removes Second-Hand Tobacco Odors from Cigarettes, Pipes and Cigars

November 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Austin, TX — November 16, 2007 — Vamoose® Odor Eliminator, which incorporates the patented Novexium® technology which has been independently tested and verified as the only commercially available odor eliminator with long-term odor removal for Cigarettes, Pipes and Cigars by organically converting the sources of the odors, is now available in Service Kits for Commercial Service Companies. Hotels, motels, apartment facilities, Real Estate Companies, restaurants, car dealers, rug and duct cleaning companies, schools, and consumers can now easily purchase complete treatment kits for car and room treatment.

Vamoose, when used properly, completely eliminates all second-hand tobacco odors by molecularly combining with the tar and nicotine molecules deposited by smoking and converting them into inert matter thus neutralizing their ability to emit odors. During the conversation process a “Fresh Scent” masks the molecular conversion and indicates that the conversion process is active. Testing by an independent lab confirmed that when compared to the major consumer products claiming “cigarette and tobacco odor elimination”, only the Vamoose 1808T provided long term removal of the odors when checking weeks and months after the initial testing was initiated.

The treatment kits, distributed by Hill Country Distribution,, are packaged for typical auto’s and 2,000 square foot residences and are priced at $39.00 and $199.00. Environmentally friendly refill supplies are available in recyclable gallon jugs and 32 and 4 ounce plastic pump spray containers. Additional new scents including; “New Car” and “Leather” scent are expected to be available in early January, 2008.

“Our client testimonials speak for us.” Said Stephen Parkhurst regarding the following testimonials;

Independent Hotel Operator: ”Our hotel only has a few smoking rooms. Since we only have a few, they get used repeatedly. It is vial we clean these rooms to the best possible status. There are times when we have no non-smoking rooms available, therefore the guest is given the option to inspect the smoking rooms. In most cases the guest will take the smoking room if it has been treated with your product. Even our smoking guests prefer rooms treated with your products.”

The Pre-owned manager of a BMW Dealership in a major US city stated "your product sells our cars that were previously owned by smokers."

A Condo Owner shares: “I am writing to thank you. I have a condo which was rented to a smoker for 9 years. When he left, the condo wreaked from cigarette smoke. I had the whole place painted, and the carpet cleaned professionally, but the condo still wreaked from cigarettes. I thought I would have to replace the carpets at the cost of thousands of dollars even though the carpet was in excellent condition, until I found your product online. I bought a gallon of Vamoose tobacco eliminator and misted the condo using a mini fogger. The first application removed about 80% of the odor and after the second application the odor was gone completely.”

About Hill Country Distribution
Hill Country Distribution is the exclusive distribution licensee of the patented Novexium technology and the Vamoose trademarks.

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