tyBit™ Takes Aim At Google With New adScriber™ Program

November 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
(Fayetteville) November 16, 2007. When Earl Jordan saw the blinking money icon in his tyBit™ toolbar he couldn’t believe he had won cash just for being a tyBit™ subscriber. “I read about the loyalty program but never thought I would win,” said Jordan. “Now when I search it’s like online gaming and adds excitement, the extra $100 will come in handy over the holidays. I started using tyBit™ to search several engines quickly and securely, and it’s Freeware.” tyBit™ (www.tyBit.com), a client-side search application, scheduled for full launch in 2008, randomly awards money to users. “If a subscriber uses tyBit™ and a money icon starts blinking, they’ve won $100….it’s that simple,” said Clarence Briggs, tyBit™ CEO. “Users are rewarded by a superior search experience and a cash-bonus that we’ve set-aside dollars for.” Briggs indicates that the next release includes the Ad-Management and Partner-Module Betas. He also said tyBit™ users will receive their own personalized social-networking dashboard, like myspace.com or facebook.com, with email, IM, video player, blogging, and anti-spyware.

tyBit™ also announced its adScriber™ Program where tyBit™ subscribers receive free advertising on tyBit™. “This is an interesting approach to search advertising,” said William Presley, OSL Search Analyst. “Businesses can barter for targeted advertisements - instead of paying money for ads. Search usage is traded for advertisements.” During Beta, adScriber™ ads are displayed on a run-of-site basis including video ads. “While not yet keyword relevant, this allows small businesses unable to afford pay per click (PPC) advertising a chance to get started. This is obviously a market stab at Google’s affiliate or adSense™ model,” said Pressley. Company officials claimed the drive behind tyBit™ was their dissatisfaction with the search industry's PPC & affiliate models susceptible to click fraud. Their click fraud experience with Google and the Fayetteville Observer Newspaper led to class action litigation.

Briggs believes the definitive solution to click fraud and a search market alternative is tyBit™. “Our partners aren’t getting their share of online advertising dollars but they have the subscribers. They want fairness, customization, accountability, and transparency. We can deliver this with tyBit™ and a 40% revenue share - a deal you can’t find anywhere else.'' Briggs said that’s why tyBit™ won Best Product Runner Up at the Channel Partner Expo Show in Las Vegas and has jammed its partner pipeline with over 40 Telcos, Carriers, ISPs, media companies, MLM, OEMs and various other subscriber-based organizations to include non-profits seeking to be tyBit™ partners.

Company officials said prospective partners represent a staggering 45 million-plus tyBit™ users. "The reason is simple", said Kitti-Jo Finch, GM of tyBit™. "It generates value for subscribers, partners, and advertisers." Company officials say tyBit™ accelerates search, increases relevancy, personalizes results, and integrates text, video and other media ads. It also ferrets local content based on a subscriber's actual location, provides privacy displaying results in a single window - desktop or PDA. From holiday shopping to election results, tyBit™ finds it.”

“Continuing to add user and advertiser centric features keeps us using it,” said Ken Rivers a recent tyBit adScriber™. “Since becoming an adScriber™, we have received several free leads,” said Rivers. I signed up because AIT (www.AIT.com) web hosting and domain registration customers were offered free advertising on tyBit™”. This release integrates the tyBit™ toolbar into the entire Microsoft Office Suite of applications. “Microsoft Office is most ubiquitous desktop suite out today, it seemed only fitting that we integrate it. A user can search from any Office application” said Finch. “With tyBit™ if you need an image for your Power Point presentation, you search for your image and drop and drag it from tyBit™ right into your presentation.”

What is the future of Internet Search? According to Microsoft, people search for 11 minutes before finding what they want - half give up, abandoning their search. However, the Search business is booming with newcomers challenging the likes of Google and Yahoo including Collarity, Hakia and Powerset. "You need different tools to solve different problems," said IDC analyst Susan Feldman. tyBit™ represents a paradigm shift away from the centralized search engine model to a patent-pending client-side application that uses grid computing, distributes web crawling, indexing, and browser content delivery quickly and securely to users. "We had to un-think the current model of Internet search and invent something that could compete against Goliaths," said Briggs, the Army Infantry Veteran. “tyBit™ is our David.”