New Internet Site Helps Patients With Rising Prescription Drug Costs

November 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
A free, new Internet site called OPTIMIZERx ( is now available to help the majority of patients reduce their rising costs for prescription medications. With escalating costs now being passed on to patients, many Americans are finding out the hard way that even with healthcare insurance, they are not immune to the rising cost of prescription medication. Too often, particularly when a branded product has been prescribed, patients are choosing not to fill their prescriptions due to high “out-of-pocket” costs.

Founded by a group of physicians and healthcare veterans, OPTIMIZERx offers an innovative and central way for patients to access and participate in available prescription drug savings offers and other types of programs designed to help them better afford their prescribed medicines.

According to the Washington DC-based Kaiser Family Foundation’s annual surveys of employer sponsored health benefits, the average co-payment for branded preferred and non-preferred drugs rose 62 percent and 99%, respectively between 2000 and 2004. The affects of this: not to fill a prescription when met with a out-of-pocket cost “surprise.” Nearly one out of five insured patients choose not to fill a prescription when met with a “surprise” cost.

While there are many programs available to assist the uninsured with lower levels of income, OPTIMIZERx is the first in the industry to target prescription savings solutions for the majority of Americans who currently have traditional private health insurance. Additionally, there are no income limits associated with participating.

“We recognize that even if a patient has healthcare insurance, out-of-pocket costs on prescribed medication can still represent a significant expense for the consumer, especially for those patients who are required to take multiple medications or take medication over a lengthy period of time,” said Jay Pinney, MD, medical director for OPTIMIZERx.

“We are concerned that patients should have affordable access to prescribed medications so that they are able to comply with their physicians’ recommendations and better look after their health.”

Patients simply go to and select or type in the name of each branded prescription product they are taking. From their, OPTIMIZERx determines if there is an available savings offer for that product, or if not, any alternative products within that category that may offer savings. The amount of savings depends on the type of medication and available product offers. There are several ways to redeem offers, but most savings are received either at the point of sale or by way of rebate. Additionally, OPTIMIZERx also offers savings on over-the-counter medications and other healthcare products and services.

OPTIMIZERx Systems, LLC, was founded in Michigan by a group of physicians and pharmaceutical industry veterans. OPTIMIZERx is a Web-based system that provides patients with information that will enable them, in partnership with their physicians, to optimize their prescription healthcare dollars. For more information, please visit