Ignition Interlock System now allows offenders to keep driving legally during revocation

December 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Minneapolis, MN — Individuals convicted of DWI or DUI in Hennepin or Beltrami County, Minnesota, may be eligible for a reduction in their driver's license consequences if they agree to an Ignition Interlock System. According to Caplan Law Firm's Minnesota DUI Attorney Debbie Lang "The Ignition Interlock program allows repeat offenders to obtain their work permit and driving privileges following a reduced revocation period. It allows many to keep their positions of employment despite a lengthy revocation period."

An ignition interlock is a sophisticated system that tests for alcohol on a driver's breath. It requires that a vehicle operator to blow into a small alcohol sensor unit attached to a vehicle's dashboard. The car will not start if the blood alcohol concentration of the driver is above a preset level (usually .00 to .04 BAC). The device also prevents a friend from starting the car and then allowing the impaired driver from taking the wheel, by requiring a 'rolling re-test' every few minutes while driving.

"Depending on how effective the program is in Hennepin and Beltrami Counties," Lang points out, "other Minnesota Counties may offer the program to DUI and DWI offenders.

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