Tomasian Ent! is now accepting bookings for the Fall '05 - Spring '06 Tour Season

July 07, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Tomasian Ent!, or TE! as it is also known, has been providing high quality, affordably priced corporate and collegiate entertainment since 1996. With an emphasis on diversity, Tomasian Ent! continues to be a leader in providing educational and team building workshops; simple stage one man performances; and, half day and day long seminars to colleges and organizations accross the US.

Returning this year, SLaVe, now in it's 9th touring season. This critically acclaimed one-man show has traveled across the US at one point being the keynote presentation at Brown University's Black History Month Convocation Ceremony. SLaVe is the story of two brothers, Michael and Malcolm, both black, both reside in the same city but both live in different worlds, who struggle to find a each other and themselves.

Other performances include: Day 2, a man struggling to deal with the events of September 11; Interview with the Monster, an exploration of the HIV/AIDS epidemic; and Crimson and the other Colors of my Pain, a funny/sad accapella musical about a homeless man in NYC.

Workshops offered this year are: ISIM - Racism, Sexism and Homophobia, Recognizing and Understanding the Connections, the very popular workshop which challenges participants to take a very personal look at their own "isms"; Putting on the Brakes, a co-educational safer sex workshop; There is no I in Team (but there is an ME), a team building workshop; and, DiverCITY, a workshop which teaches groups how to draw upon the diversity of their organization in order to strengthen it.

Dance and movement based workshops include: The Hip Hop Workshop, a dance based team building workshop; and, The Capoeria Workshop, an exposure to the music and dance of the Brazil Martial Arts Form.

For more information: visit the TE! Productions department of our website at located at; send an email inquiry to e-mail protected from spam bots; or, call toll free 888-465-3560 x 501.