Antique Automobiles Set To Dramatically Increase In Value

November 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
REDDING, CALIF., ( PRLeap ) - - The value of rare antique automobiles and classic cars looks set to grow dramatically over the coming decade as the market continues to embrace new technologies and fuels, according to a report released today.

A review of recent research and reporting conducted on behalf of MyOwnCarShow ( ) found that the value of antique cars looks likely to rise as new technologies and innovations pave the way for an automobile design overhaul to deal with dwindling natural resources and global climate change.

It is estimated that the level of current investment in alternative fuels and new technologies, as opposed to traditional gasoline and diesel engines, looks likely to alter, if not wipe out, the gasoline engine over the coming decades. As a result, the value of antique cars with gasoline engines will see extra appreciation beyond what can be currently forecast.

It is thought that the same will apply to vehicles with diesel engines, which will steadily continue to appreciate in value as their prevalence on our roads diminishes.

Norm Stamm of MyOwnCarShow ( ) suggests that while this does indicate a rocky path for the cars of today, the news is hardly surprising in light of present technological developments.

"At MyOwnCarShow ( ), our community is seeing renewed support of classic cars. As we continue into the future it is likely that current research and investment into green technologies, such as bio-fuels and electricity, will enshrine the gasoline powered car as an icon of history. I have no doubt that the community will grow even more when carmakers abandon gasoline motors altogether, making the cars we use today valuable antiques of tomorrow."

Experts have advised that while car technologies are changing, it may be prudent to hang on to that old gasoline-powered car for a couple of years yet who knows, it might just be worth a fortune someday.

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