A breakthrough in database translation

November 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Würzburg, Germany, November 18, 2007. Internationalization of database information can now be realized completely within one product family. CMS Cross Media Solutions GmbH announces the release of a revolutionary new translation tool called XLIFF-Edit, especially for database content.
Today businesses, governments, and organizations store most of their information in databases. Due to globalization, such international organizations in particular must communicate this knowledge in many languages.

This new product saves time by accelerating translation while ensuring consistent terminology. XLIFF-Edit reduces translation costs by permitting previously translated database terms to be applied throughout the entire database and by making new translation updates faster. The software permits rapid loading of even vast amounts of database content.

XLIFF-Edit implements translation using an open standard called XLIFF. This is the XML Localization Interchange File Format, a standard for exchanging translatable content. XLIFF transports the database content and simplifies translation tasks. Any database which can be exported into the XLIFF format can be processed with this new editor. The translated content can then be automatically reinserted into the database. Using the XLIFF format with XLIFF-Edit can now help avoid errors caused by reinserting database content from file formats like like Word, Excel, HTML or source code files.

The Translation Memory eXchange format is used to fill the software's translation memory engine with content. The translation memory offers translation suggestions to the human translator.

Until now, vendors of translation software use a document-based translation paradigm, where the localization process consisted of segmenting standard document formats like Word, Excel, HTML or source code files into sensible translation units. This was followed by subsequent translation and reinsertion into the file. Database contents were translated by exporting to proprietary formats, translating and laborious reinsertion into the database.

Reorganized in 2005 from a media provider with over 20 years experience in database publishing, Cross Media Solutions GmbH offers XLIFF-Edit to complement its flagship product information management system, SKATE®.
For further information, see http://www.crossmediasolutions.de/xliff/xliff_info.ppt
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