Driver’s Education for Teens Gets Out of the Classroom

November 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(San Marcos, CA)Students who feel that they spend enough time sitting in classrooms can now get their driver’s education the modern way: on-line. It is convenient, quick, entertaining, and can be done from the comfort of home. Forget the endless drone of a dreary lecture: driver education is moving into the electronic age. estimates that 76.4% of U.S. teens are internet users and 90% of teens have access to a computer either at home or school. I DRIVE SAFELY has capitalized on this fact and created an improved driver education program for teens and their parents. The course is filled with multimedia features that present information in a way that keeps teens interested and engaged.

Customer service support is available 24 hours a day, and with unlimited log-ins and outs, the student doesn’t need to finish the course in one sitting. Parents appreciate the opportunity to go through the course side by side with their teens if they prefer, making the parent a bigger part of this important time in their children’s lives.

“It’s amazing to see how easy and convenient taking driver’s ed online is,” says Rebecca Woodson, mother of a 15 year-old student who completed the I DRIVE SAFELY training in 2007. “He worked at his own pace, I didn’t have to worry about driving him anywhere and it fit right into his school and homework schedule.”

“It’s the best choice I’ve ever made,” agrees Pamela Dixon. “Now that I have done it online, I cannot picture having to go back to the old classroom course.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to provide driver training in an on-line forum, especially to teens,” says Rick Hernandez, CEO of I DRIVE SAFELY. “Students respond to the flexibility and familiarity of going through the learning process on-line, where they are already comfortable.”

Of course, if you enjoy listening to hours and hours of lectures in a stuffy classroom filled with bored students, the old way is still available to you. But with I DRIVE SAFELY’s on-line training, it is no longer your only option.


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