New Oahu Company Revolutionizes Marketing with Upscale Direct Mail Luxurious Direct Marketing Succeeds where Traditional Advertising Fails

November 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(Kailua, Hawaii, USA) – With prestigious, well-known clients and stellar, proven results, one small but highly specialized Oahu company has revolutionized the process of marketing and advertising to Hawaii’s top tier niche. Affluent Oahu – a company whose trademarked slogan is “Upscale direct mail – a contradiction in terms, until now” – does not try to please everyone, but instead succeeds by focusing all of its energy and talent upon the most exclusive and wealthy demographic. Current projects include a high-end direct mailing campaign for Ballet Hawaii’s winter production of the Nutcracker and next spring’s Honolulu Symphony performances.

Affluent Oahu’s founder and owner, Stephen Doversola, explains that the creation of his upscale direct mail company was a deliberate move to serve a much-neglected but exceptionally lucrative market.

“We target a very specific group of consumers,” acknowledges Doversola, whose professional experience and expertise includes more than a decade in strategic marketing, advertising, branding, and publishing. “With Affluent Oahu, every advertising dollar our clients spend reaches 50,000 of the most qualified and selected potential customers.”

Independent research conducted by Mediamark Research, Inc., supports Doversola’s claim that this affluent demographic and target market, in comparison to the average consumer, is twice as likely to own stocks and buy a new car and more than 80 percent more likely to own a second home. The people Affluent Oahu’s upscale direct mail campaigns focus on reaching are twice as likely as the average consumer to dine out three or four times a month. And they are four times more likely to take a vacation and spend more than $5,000 on their trip.

Doversola’s clients not only benefit from their own exposure, but from distinguished affiliation with other upscale brands. “We offer our advertisers placement and association with the most successful and well-known businesses in Oahu,” he says. Such synergy helps to strengthen presence within the upscale market while simultaneously solidifying brands as totally prestigious and affluent. But Affluent Oahu is careful to offer strict exclusivity, ensuring that its clients are the only ones representing their particular industry. Consumers give their business to Doversola’s carefully selected clients, not to their competitors.

Conventional methods and media such as television, newspapers and radio reach the general masses. Such advertising can be detrimental to those dedicated to high-end, opulent lifestyles and elite customers. The result of such a “shotgun” approach is that affluent marketers shoot themselves in the foot by being lumped in with inferior brands and services. And traditional direct mail is inappropriate because although it is inexpensive, it also looks cheap.

Remarkably, although Affluent Oahu is a white-glove marketing company and its upscale four-color post card decks are luxuriously presented, this ultra-exclusive advertising is more cost effective and easier to track in terms of results than traditional direct mail. And tracking shows that recipients will most likely retain one of Affluent Oahu’s high-end direct mail postcard decks for four months, generating repeated exposure. Not only are they gorgeously printed and designed, but also they showcase and commemorate Oahu’s most celebrated venues and events.

“One of the main aspects that sets Affluent Oahu apart from our competition is that we always feature a beautiful arts group on our cover card,” explains Doversola. “That lends instant credibility and adds to the high-end image because it is something that they want to receive in their homes. They identify with it both professionally and personally. Consequently, our client advertisers get better results because their message gets seen and read, not thrown away like junk mail.”

The entire vision and promise of Affluent Oahu is bolstered by the uncommon
depth of experience and knowledge of the Oahu market that its founder brings to
the venture. Stephen Doversola holds both a State of Hawaii mortgage solicitor’s
license and a real estate license in Hawaii, and left a successful position as
General Sales Manager at Pacific Media Publishing – a division of Fortune 500
media giant Gannet Pacific – to launch Affluent Oahu.

For more information please contact:

Stephen Doversola
Kailua, Hi