November 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Denver, CO—November 20, 2007— New book, Lifetime Physique helps people get fit, become healthy, fight obesity, and overcome Mental Inertia to transform their bodies. Stuart Schaefer, personal trainer, fitness expert, and transformation coach, reveals why most people approach fitness all wrong.

Lifetime Physique teaches how to create and perfect a complete physical and emotional lifestyle. Coming December 1, it guides the reader, step-by-step, through a comprehensive program that reveals:
• What is Mental Inertia, and how to overcome it and achieve success;
• How to create a mindset that allows you to achieve anything;
• How to dissolve fat away by eating more;
• How to gain strength and generate an endless source of energy;
• How to transform your body by working out LESS, not more;
• How to build a sensible, sustainable lifestyle;
• How to take control of your mind—and your life.

What sets, Lifetime Physique, apart?
• It takes an inside-out approach—focusing on the mind first, then the body;
• It guides the reader through The 10-Step Transformation Process;
• It combines Nutrition, Weight Training, and Aerobics in a complete program;
• It provides a sensible eating program that doesn’t starve you;
• It uses an efficient training program that actually helps create time;
• It provides a comprehensive 16-week transformation success plan.

This book is revolutionary in its approach. Ever wonder why so many people fail at their New Year’s Resolutions after two weeks? They don’t develop the right mindset.

The book is not a gimmick. It takes a simple, yet effective approach towards transforming one’s body and becoming fit by going back to the tried-and-true principles of exercise and fitness, and teaching the step-by-step process in an “easy-to-understand” style. Schaefer, who has been involved with fitness for nearly a decade, explains: “Although fitness involves physical changes, it is a mental process. Too many sources approach becoming fit as purely physical, when it’s really psychological.”

John Thomure, a 1st sergeant in the US Army says, “I have never seen a program that has such a superbly complete fitness plan. At 52 years old, my workouts parallel this program. Remember, you’re never too old to start, but you must dedicate some time to good health and well-being.”

Why can’t people seem to get and maintain their fitness? “It’s because people neglect the mental aspect,” says Schaefer. “We, as a nation, have started creating bad habits. Bad eating habits, bad fitness habits—bad lifestyle habits. In order to cure the obesity epidemic and become healthy, we have to start re-creating good habits. But it must start with the mind.”

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About the Author

Talk about a success story; Stuart Schaefer is a living, walking, breathing success story of his new book, Lifetime Physique: 16 Weeks to a Better Body, a Better Life—A Better You. He has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly a decade—starting as a bodybuilder, then moving into training where he has helped hundreds of men and women transform. He leads motivational seminars, teaches people how to become self-motivated, and, now, Stuart has written Lifetime Physique. In it, he shares his secrets he uses to help others achieve success in life.

Stuart Schaefer