On Thursday November 15th at 12:01 am - SpotMyTee.com, a one of kind, Designer Art Apparel Community, launched with some of the most unique designs for this Holiday Season.

November 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
It was obvious early Friday morning when sales spiked 400% over company predictions. Having talented tattoo artists, high quality tees, and a sexy shopping experience seems to be the winning formula company officials reported. Howard Panes, VP of Marketing was quoted as saying, “Our grass roots approach to focus on the younger non conventional internet media outlets had paid off handsomely.” Panes was quick to point out that SpotMytee.com with better than forecasted success will continue to explore unconventional integrated media advertising methods to spread “the word.”

The Spot My Tee (SMT) label offers a variety of high quality, hand-made clothing under twenty dollars. In addition, SpotMyTee.com offers the opportunity for tattoo and graphic artists to earn significant revenue through SpotMyTee.com's exclusive licensing agreement. Artists who partner with SpotMyTee.com are paid each time their designs on tees are sold. This licensing model is in stark contrast to its competitors that offers a flat payout per design reproduced.

SMT clothing reflects today's modern fashion colors while serving as a canvas for its artist’s original art. The SMT label utilizes industry leading 4 color process printing technologies to perfectly replicate the original artist style and coloring. This printing process is distinguishing SpotMyTee.com from the competition, which frequently utilize basic screen-transfer printing. By utilizing specialty textile dyes, Spot My Tee apparel retains maximum comfort and durability.

“My vision for Spot My Tee has come to life” says Jim Smith, Director of Artist Development. “It is a place where artists with great talent and ambition can come to be discovered.” Jim considers himself to be somewhat of an underdog, having to overcome handicaps in his past. “I owe a lot of my success to one person who gave me my break and believed in me. I feel it’s my turn to give others the same kind of break I got.”

SpotMyTee.com is ready to deliver cutting edge "Signature Series" art apparel to Main Street in time for this Holiday Season.

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