Dr Balch High Blood Pressure Formula

November 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Sunnyvale, California - Mitamins launches Dr Balch’s High Blood Pressure condition specific supplement formula: Vitamin C 100mg, Calcium 100mg, Magnesium 50mg, CoQ-10 60mg, Flax Seed Powder 50mg, Bioflavonoid Concentrate 100mg, Garlic Extract 100mg, Hawthorn Extract 250mg, Reishi Extract 50mg, Taurine 250mg.

Hawthorn dilates the arterial walls and decreases blood pressure. Calcium and Magnesium have been shown to work together in the treatment of High Blood Pressure to lower total values. CoQ10 helps to reduce symptoms of High Blood Pressure and energize the heart. Garlic has the ability to lower blood pressure, improve cardiac function and help with the overall symptoms of high blood pressure. Flaxseed may be important in the treatment of high blood pressure for cardiovascular function and lowering blood pressure readings. Vitamin C and Bioflavonoid Mix have the effect of relieving symptoms of high blood-pressure and help the body detoxify by removing toxic substances (e.g. lead) that can cause high blood pressure. Taurine is an amino acid that has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure and protect the brain, making it important in the treatment of high blood pressure. Reishi Mushroom Extract has a blood-pressure lowering effect and may help decrease edema, a symptom of High Blood Pressure.

About Mitamins
Mitamins (my-vitamins “made just of me”) develops, manufactures and markets condition specific supplements. It operates an online platform to provide made-on-demand products directly to consumers. Mitamins eliminates the hassle of too many bottles & capsules, the risk of drug-supplement interactions, and the uncertainty of what supplements to take. With the world largest collection of condition specific supplement formulas, Mitamins will combine all your supplement needs into 1 formula, 1 bottle, 1 dosage while taking fewer capsules.