Get Back to Basics - Graduate Job Hunters Urged to Smarten Up

November 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
WILMSLOW, CHESHIRE – From business suits teamed with trainers to brightly coloured hair and ‘Ali G bling’ – graduate recruitment specialist Pareto Law has seen it all when it comes to interview presentation, but with an increasingly competitive job market, the company is now warning candidates to smarten up if they want to win their dream job.

Pareto, which assesses thousands of graduates a year for careers with some of the top UK companies, is finding even the most basic of personal presentation rules are being by-passed for a more relaxed interview approach that is often frowned upon by prospective employers.

“Many companies are relaxing dress codes to ‘business casual’, but we are now seeing this trend spilling over into the interview room,” says Jonathan Fitchew, joint managing director of Pareto Law. “While a few years ago graduates knew to expect a conservative, professional working environment, today they often try to mix the relaxed trends of the student union with getting a step on the career ladder.

“Employers are looking for the right skills, attitude and approach to the workplace, but making the right impression in an interview is vital in the current competitive market. Candidates need to go back to basics and dress to impress if they want to win that all important first job.”

To help, Pareto is offering their Top Five Tips for getting the interview off on the right foot -

1. Piercings – Whether you’ve gone for the tongue stud, a lip ring or an eyebrow hoop, piercings are one item of jewellery a prospective employer won’t want to see. Leave them at home and you’ll be sure to make a better impression. Even for earrings, one in each ear for women is fine – if you do have more than that, tone it down for the interview.

2. Tattoos – Out of sight out of mind! Make sure any tattoos are covered up with clothing on the big day – wear long sleeve shirts if you have a tattoo on your forearm and girls, don’t wear vest tops if you have one on your shoulder. Even if you have a jacket on, it could be warm and a personal tattoo could end up becoming the talking point of the interview.

3. Jewellery – Keeping it small and discreet is best. Ladies, swap the large hoop earrings and the sovereign rings for delicate studs and no rings, in short keep it subtle. You’re not there to show off your jewellery collection, but to secure a professional job, so focus on looking the part. You don’t want to put off your prospective employer by dazzling them with your bling.

4. Charity bracelets – We know they’re for a good cause, but charity bracelets for an interview can take the edge off your professional appearance. They are also a pet annoyance of many an employer, so if you really want to clinch that graduate job leave them at home.

5. Make-up – You’re dressing to impress, but don’t go overboard when it comes to make-up. Subtle yet effective is the way forward - save the glitter and glam for the nightclubs.

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