Aihua Motors Unveils New Marketing Strategy Catering to Western Importers of Auto and Motorcycle Parts

November 22, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Chongqing, China based Aihua Motors ( – primarily manufacturing electric starter motors and other dc motors - is employing a somewhat unheard of strategy in order to bolster interest in its auto and motorcycle parts and stand out from the competition: it’s going to list product prices on its website. The move comes after consultation with Western companies, and is expected to save time for both Aihua Motors and its potential clients. Sourcing products from manufacturers, especially in China, can be a huge time sink, as many manufacturers are reluctant to provide full price lists, or need to be repeatedly queried in order for the best prices to be obtained. In addition to this, the concept of “guanxi” (social currency / connections) that is central to many business deals in China can be intimidating to Westerners and can affect price quotes and thus lead to misunderstandings.

Currently producing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and CM (Contract Manufacturer) DC electric starter motors and other parts for autos and motorcycles for oem manufacturers including Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Cooper, and other big names - as well as holding a domestic market share of over 20% with Jialing, Jianshe, Grand River Group, and many more clients with regard to DC electric starter motors - Aihua Motors is eager to both expand its market share and make a name for its own brand on the international market. Taking an open minded approach, the company has consulted Western companies, and has launched a website specifically targeted to Westerners and English speakers, with Western business practices (comparatively direct as apposed to Chinese business practices) foremost in mind. Comments or questions can be posted on the website, viewable for all to see (they are reviewed first due to “spam-bots” taking advantage of this), and personal information is never shared with third parties. In addition to this, and as part of a wider marketing strategy with the aim of gaining a strong foothold in international markets, Aihua Motors now also accepts orders of quantities as small as a few hundred units.

“Now, potential clients will have a clear picture of the excellent quality / price ratio that Aihua Motors provides, from the second that they enter the website,” remarks chief site designer Evan Roberts. “I can say from personal experience with regard to product sourcing, that a lot of people are going to appreciate this uncharacteristically straightforward approach, and I certainly hope that this translates into more business relationships being forged. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we set a precedent, what we’re essentially saying is: "We want your business, no matter where you’re from, and the doors are open, as it were, online at our website as well as at our factories."

Aihua Motors is already experienced in dealing with overseas clientele, with its starter motors and other products being exported to many countries around the world, including the USA and Japan among others. At present, a large number of these business relationships and export deals are conducted through foreign trading companies. Aihua Motors believes that it is in the best interests of both its customers as well as itself to conduct more direct business with clients, establish increased brand recognition and confidence among consumers, and increase transparency in business relations.

Although products are competitively priced, (ranging in price from as little as USD $5 / unit for electric starter motors), they are always subject to a high standard of quality control. “Aihua Motors is very serious about maintaining and building its reputation to clients and consumers,” declares export trade representative Barbara Wu, “in our eyes, a purchase order is the start of a relationship, and it’s our greatest hope that these business relationships are long term and mutually prosperous. Successful partnerships of any kind are built on trust.” Founded in 1993, Aihua Motors offers its clients a wide range of services, and has the ability to perform OEM/CM manufacturing as well as develop and produce custom products.