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November 22, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Rome, Italy – is created by travellers who describe Italy from their personal point of view and share their inspiration of the country and it is targeting those who would like to learn more about the country, before they go there. And now it is also launching a podcast series to ad to the portfolio of services and guides it offers travellers to Italy.

“2007 is considered by many the year of the podcasts. It is one of the new social media and we have been witnessing how more and more people from around the world are subscribing to podcasts of their choice to have yet another way of finding the best information, which is of interest to them” – says Giuseppe Zappala, head of the Italy office of “And riding on this trend and being true to those we help with advice from fellow travelers in their discovery of Italy – we have decided to officially launch the Italy Travel Notes podcast series. So now you may not only read about Italy, but experience it with all of your sense even before you go there”

What makes different from the other travel information sites is the quality of the stories, which travellers share. And now the Italy travel notes podcasts will have the capacity to reach those consumers who do not have much time to read articles online, but who would enjoy listening to them while jogging, commuting to and from work or even better while already in Italy and in need for some additional insiders tips on places to visit.

“Podcasts are a very different media and also a niche where there is still not quite a lot on offer. We have been studying other podcasts on Italy and there are some very good ones, however we do believe that with the Italy Travel Notes podcasts we will offer those in search for quality information about Italy a real sensuous experience.” – continues Giuseppe Zappala – “because what we offer them is not just information – it is also music and true Italian atmosphere. And we offer our podcast listeners the opportunity to travel though different parts of Italy even before they actually go there.”

The Italy Travel Notes podcast is already listed in iTunes and in the major podcast directories, so listeners can check it online or by going directly to the or searching for it on iTunes.

To listen to the Italy Travel Notes podcast series go to:
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Italy Travel Notes ( is a collaboration of international team of travellers to Italy. The management team is based in Bazzano, Italy and it works with content contributors from around the world.