Avot Media Delivers Intelligent Video Search, Near Real-Time Streaming and Personalized Playlists to Millions of Mobile Users

November 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Avot Media, an innovator in intelligent search, near real-time streaming and personalization of video delivery to web-enabled mobile devices, today announced Avot mV, a third-generation discovery, personalization and live video streaming service for mobile users.

Avot mV: The Third-Generation Approach to Mobile Video
User-generated content is a driving force behind Web 2.0, the second major growth phase of the Internet. Users are not only spending a lot of time watching web-based videos, they are also creating media content and sharing it with others.

In the first generation of mobile video, content providers tried to meet this demand by creating walled gardens that offered mobile users limited content, inflexible schedules and associated fees. Later, video-sharing pioneers such as YouTube put up web sites that offer a much wider range of free video content, but mobile users still could not find and watch whatever they wanted.

This led to the second generation of mobile video, in which a number of startup companies began delivering video content to mobile users. All of these video service providers, however, use a transcoding process to convert desktop videos into a mobile format, degrading the video quality for mobile users.

With Avot mV, Avot Media ushers in the third-generation video solution for mobile users, one that allows them to discover, watch and share any video on the web with optimal display quality. There are no fees, no limits on selection, no transcoding process, and—best of all—almost no latency, which enables mobile users to view videos in near-real time. Avot mV is the only video service that effectively meets the needs of mobile users by allowing them to watch whenever and whatever they want on their web-enabled mobile devices.

High Quality Video on Any Web-enabled Mobile Device
Avot mV is the first solution to give mobile users unlimited access to any web-based video by providing an intelligent, content-based search capability that incorporates personal preferences so that users can quickly discover and choose from among billions of videos posted on the Web. Avot mV also provides point-and-click access to videos, making it easy for mobile users to navigate through content providers’ web sites without having to type out long URLs.

Once users select the videos they want to watch, Avot mV transfers the content to their web-enabled mobile devices within seconds, much faster than earlier mobile video solutions. The near real-time playback eliminates jitter, delays and grainy video quality. Mobile users experience the same fast, high-quality video they enjoy at their desktops—or even in front of their television sets. Avot mV also maximizes the size and clarity of the video display by removing unnecessary clutter from the mobile user’s screen.

“Until now, watching video on mobile devices has been a painful experience for the user,” said Brian Sathianathan, founder and president of Avot Media, Inc. “With Avot mV, mobile users can quickly find and stream any web-based video they want, and then watch a high-quality playback in near real-time—all within a matter of seconds.”

Personalized Playlists and Shared Video
In addition to recommending videos based on the user’s preferences, Avot mV allows users to personalize their video listings by organizing them into playlists and watching them on the go. Users can create unlimited playlists, making it easy for them to manage videos on their web-enabled mobile devices.

“Finally, a company has found a way to play any Internet video on any web-enabled mobile device in near-real time while giving users a higher quality image than has ever been possible before,” said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., vice president and chief analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Avot Media not only can play any Internet video, but they do it better than any other company by providing an easy, convenient way to search for relevant videos and aggregate them into playlists that are then streamed to the mobile device.”

“Mobile devices are high-value targets for advertisers, particularly when combined with the power of personalization and near-real time video delivery,” added Purdy.

Availability and Support
The Avot mV service is now available for all web-enabled mobile devices. To download the client, visit www.avotmedia.com.

The Avot mV service works across mobile carriers with high-speed data networks and Wi-Fi. While the service is free, users must have a data plan with their cell phone carriers and pay related data-traffic fees.

About Avot Media, Inc.
Avot Media is an innovator in intelligent search, near real-time streaming and personalization of video delivery to web-enabled mobile devices. Avot mV allows users to play any web video on any web-enabled mobile device in near-real time with a high-quality image. Founded in 2006, the company is led by industry veterans, and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, visit www.avotmedia.com.

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