TrackingTheWorld Designs G.P.S Letter Logger for U.S. Postal Service

November 22, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Burlingame, CA – The United States Postal Service (USPS) processes and delivers more than 212 billion pieces of mail per year to Americans. The U.S. Postal Service continually aims to increase its quality of service, to reduce delivery times, to pinpoint logistical inefficiencies, to save costs and to eliminate waste.

To support this challenging task, the USPS commissioned TrackingTheWorld Inc., a leading global positioning technology firm, to develop a letter-tracking GPS device that would meet the agency’s precise needs.

These needs include reporting the positioning of letter mail from anywhere on the planet at customizable time intervals, interfacing with Google Earth, and recording down time, all fitted in a device conveniently and completely unnoticed within a standard size envelope.

In response to these needs, TrackingTheWorld developed the G.P.S. Letter Logger, the world’s first letter-tracking GPS device. “We looked at the specific requirements of an agency as expansive as the United States Postal Service, and developed the G.P.S. Letter Logger to not only meet those needs, but to surpass all expectations,” said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld.

When housed in a standard number 10 business envelope, the G.P.S. Letter Logger flows through mail sorting and delivery systems as unnoticed as any typical piece of mail, all the while gathering and reporting important logistical information that allows the Postal Service to analyze the efficiency of its systems. “If the G.P.S. Letter Logger records extended down time in a particular location, that lets the inspector know that there is a potential problem,” said Walz.

The driving forces behind G.P.S. Letter Logger are the combined functions of a powerful and highly efficient microprocessor developed by Texas Instruments and a low-power consumption uBlox ANTARIS 4 GPS module. “The minimal power requirements of both of these components were key to the successful implementation of the G.P.S. Letter Logger, said Walz.

Merely a quarter of an inch thick, and with the surface area of a tri-folded sheet of paper, Walz said the G.P.S. Letter Logger technologically exceeds the capabilities of a similar Siemens product in that the user can adjust the G.P.S. Letter Logger’s GPS reporting frequencies. “G.P.S. Letter Logger’s reporting is fully customizable. Users can choose to receive reports every 2, 5 or 10 minutes or select tilt mode which reports only when a tilting movement is detected,” Walz said.

G.P.S. Letter Logger will operate up to 20 hours in a pre-determined timed configuration or up to two weeks in tilt mode using a slim 1100mAh battery.

Highly efficient, the G.P.S. Letter Logger’s uBlox ANTARIS GPS module has a sensitivity of at least -158 dBm which allows the sensor to achieve a GPS lock within seconds to help save power. “The G.P.S. Letter Logger will also achieve locks within a structure or vehicle,” said Walz. Designed for long-term missions, the G.P.S. Letter Logger requires power of 60mA while acquiring a fix, and under 2mA in sleep mode.

The G.P.S. Letter Logger stores NMEA sentences and device status in any operating mode, and stores files on a standard micro-SD card. TrackingTheWorld chose the standard micro-SD card for the storage component of the G.P.S. Letter Logger because of the ability to allow for future extended tracking missions.

Stored files are then opened on any program that reads text files, converted to KML format and imported into Google Earth. A tri-color LED indicator allows users to easily see the status of the G.P.S. Letter Logger. “This product is the easiest and most convenient tool of its kind,” said Walz.

Due to be released in February 2008, the G.P.S. Letter Logger will soon be available for use by mailing and postal systems worldwide.

TrackingTheWorld is a global leader in the development in GPS technology, with offices in Burlingame, CA . For more information about the G.P.S. Letter Logger letter tracking device or wholesale distribution opportunities with minimum order requirements, please visit