NEW BOOK RELEASE: Listeners Press Announces a Fun Self-Help Guide to Better Communication Skills

November 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) The latest book by Linda Eve Diamond, author and creator of, is a self-help guide to improving an essential communication skill: listening. The book takes a light-hearted look at the serious subject of listening. Though written in a light in tone, the book’s messages run deep, focusing on the essential skills at the heart of cultivating inner listening, strengthening relationships, and building business success.

RULE #1: STOP TALKING! (Listeners Press, 2007) takes readers through practical steps to raising listening awareness, becoming conscious of personal listening “short circuits," clearing “head static,” and more. Listening has long been seen as a passive activity, not something to be taught or practiced, but something to just “do.” The author makes the point that “Most of us think we’re born listeners just because our ears work. That’s like saying you are a born pianist because your family had a piano in the house.” However, "Listening isn’t easy," says Diamond, "If it were, everyone would do it!" Just because we “stop talking,” doesn’t mean we’re listening; that’s just Rule #1 (which also refers to mind chatter—planning what you’ll say next, etc.).

Listening is an active process. To really listen, we often must move ourselves to someone else’s perspective, put aside our personal prejudices, quiet our minds, and that’s just the beginning. In relationships, friendships, families, business, and in the communities in which we live, not listening can damage relationships and result in lost opportunities. Ironically, these skills become more and more essential in the “communication age,” a time when we have more distractions than ever before, making it difficult to slow down to listen. RULE #1 includes a unique set of listening surveys, acknowledges that we all have listening challenges, and offers practical advice without being “preachy.”

Linda Eve Diamond ( ) is the author of several books in the areas of business, education, self-help and poetry. She comes from a corporate training background, where her work had a strong focus on communication, and she is on the executive board of the International Listening Association, an organization that “promotes the study, development, and teaching of listening and the practice of effective listening skills and techniques.”

Diamond invites submissions of listening stories and exercises to her upcoming listening books. (Check websites for guidelines or write to for details.)

This guidebook to listening is endorsed by Margarete, Imhof, International Listening Association President; Kay Lindahl, Founder of The Listening Center; Dean Sluyter, author of Cinema Nirvana: Enlightenment Lessons from the Movies; Stephan Rechtschaffen, Co-Founder of Omega Holistic Institute; and Ronald Bell, Chief Evocateur Officer/Owner, Center for Positive Integral Change.

RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening is the premier publication of Listeners Press, a new division of Happy About Books. Listeners Press was created to feature "books that make you stop and listen." The publisher offers a 10% discount for anyone who buys directly from The book is also available through Amazon and other online retailers, as well as selected stores. If you don’t see the book in your local store, they will be happy to order it for you.

RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening (Listeners Press, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1600050670
ISBN-13: 978-1-60005-067-1


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