Quick Click Filer Announces the Immediate Software Release of "SOS Banner" a Potent New Weapon in the Fight Against Operating System Intruders.

July 08, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
CHASKA, MN — July 8, 2005 – Quick Click Filer (www.qcf.com) is pleased to announce that it has released its much anticipated "SOS Banner" software. "SOS Banner" is a software utility solution that combats the inherent vulnerabilities of your computer’s operating system to computer viruses, trojans, keyloggers, and spyware. "SOS Banner" should be in every computer user’s arsenal in the fight against ‘spyware’, ‘adware’, ‘malware’, and ‘hijackware’ and is exclusively available at www.qcf.com for immediate digital download at the introductory price of $29.95.

Why you need SOS Banner

If your computer has become slow and unresponsive or you worry that every time you surf the Internet you might accidentally download a computer virus then you need "SOS Banner". If you store personal or financial information on your computer then you need "SOS Banner". The reality is that if you have surfed the net you may already be infected with spyware, keyloggers, and/or computer viruses. Why wait until it is too late, get "SOS Banner" now.

A recent report issued by Webroot Software Inc. warned that over 88% of all computers scanned are infected with spyware. Even more alarming was that 19% of machines scanned were infected with trojan horses. Trojan horse programs residing on a computer can allow hackers to make changes to your computer, upload files to, and download information from your computer without your knowledge. Keyloggers are commonly packaged within trojans and can log and transmit personal and financial information from your computer to remote locations right over the Internet without you ever knowing.

Fortunately "SOS Banner" has come to your rescue. "SOS Banner" provides the first weapon within a forthcoming suite of powerful solutions to maintain a virus free, spyware free, and adware free computer environment. "SOS" stands for 'System Organizer & Sealer’ and rescues your computer's operating system (OS), organizes it and seals it using a protection algorithm that no other software product on the market utilizes. "SOS Banner" provides a software alarm system that protects your computer from hidden outside attacks through the Internet, much like a burglar alarm protects your home.

"SOS Banner" Features

"SOS Banner" is a background application that resides in your system memory and leaves a small footprint while providing your computer with a powerful surveillance system alerting you to potential intruders and harmful downloads.

"SOS Banner" registers every file name in your OS (or entire disk drive) and updates the user graphically in real time with a small 'banner' message when any files have been 'added', 'deleted', 'size increased' or 'size decreased'. "SOS Banner" monitors hidden attempts to download dangerous files to your computer and alerts you to hidden external attacks from the Internet.

With "SOS Banner" random, unknown, unwarranted, and uninvited files infecting your computer's permanent storage area will no longer go unnoticed. Now you will have a software tool that can immediately alert you when this happens and provides a log of their existence. At a time when identity theft and Internet crime have become increasingly commonplace, "SOS Banner" is a much needed program to provide the needed security and confidence that you can again surf the Internet worry free.

About Quick Click Filer

Quick Click Filer, through its website (www.qcf.com), aims to become a one-stop shop for anti-spyware, anti-adware, and anti-virus information and software. "SOS Banner" was developed in partnership with PennyWise Solutions (http://www.pennywisesolutions.com) and is Quick Click Filer’s first software product offering in a forthcoming suite of protection and removal tools. This software suite will be marketed to personal computing users who are concerned about protecting and securing their computers from hidden attacks while surfing or downloading files from the Internet. The QCF website also provides reviews of other computer utilities that are aimed both at increasing the performance of personal computers and securing them from intruders.

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