Synesis IT was selected by Microsoft to join Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) for Windows Server® 2008

November 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The new Windows Server® Operating System is expected to be unveiled officially by Microsoft in February.

"Improved Security, performance enhancements, virtualization, and ease of administration are among the top reasons it's a huge draw, even among organizations who were not previously looking to upgrade," says Mushi Bhuiyan, CEO of Synesis IT; "We are proud to be chosen by Microsoft to be one of the first companies to deploy [Windows Server® 2008] for our clients."

The server virtualization technology within Windows Server® 2008 is expected to reshape the rapidly growing virtualization market by taking advantage of hypervisor technology.

Other notable features in Windows Server® 2008 include rich enhancement of Active Directory and Terminal Services enhancements that benefit both users and administrators, Network Access Protection that allows administrators greater control by checking whether computers connected to the network comply with security policy criteria and limiting access to those that don't meet the criteria. In addition, the server hard drive is encrypted as a security measure to ensure industry compliance.

"Several new technologies in Windows Server® 2008 help in preventing unauthorized access to networks, servers, user accounts, and data, and we are pleased to bring this to our customers first," says Dennis Mallen, VP of Professional Services at Synesis IT.

The new Server Manager can monitor an entire server environment from a single interface, and other powerful diagnostic and management tools and new installation options are expected to make Windows Server® 2008 more modular, more secure, and easier to manage than its predecessors.

At the World Partner Conference, Microsoft announced it will officially launch Windows Server® 2008 and Microsoft SQL Serverô 2008 in February 2008 in Los Angeles, describing it as "the most important launch in company history."

Synesis IT, a global, Wall-Street-based, Microsoft Managed Gold Partner, is a leading provider of comprehensive Infrastructure Services, Business Solutions, Hosting, and Managed Services, serving the financial and healthcare industries throughout the NY Metropolitan Area.

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