The self-storage industry’s leading software company has just released its newest version of QuikStor Express management software.

November 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Vista Compatibility
QuikStor is now compatible with Windows VISTA. However, we recommend that you carefully consider waiting until the release of the 2nd service pack before updating to VISTA, as many other software applications will not function. Additionally most computers will not meet the minimum requirements to run VISTA unless they were purchased in the last 6 months.
Raise/Lower Rents
Generating increased revenue has never been easier. With QuikStor's automatic rent raise feature, you can do automatic rent raises based on occupancy for either a specific unit type, or across the board on ALL units. For example, if you have 95% occupancy on all 10x10 units, QuikStor will automatically apply rent raises to the remaining vacant 10x10 units. On the other hand, if you have a vacancy problem on a certain unit type, QuikStor will automatically lower rent for that unit type by any indicated amount. This means that you are in more control than ever to raise/lower rent based on occupancy and without having to do all the calculations involved. If you offer any type of discounts, based on specific profiles (i.e. military, senior citizens, etc.) those discounts will still apply. Should you decide to return all rent back to your original scheduled rent, you can do that just as easily as when you raised it.
Credit Card Processing
Credit card security has gotten more and more important. We've now taken additional steps to ensure that your credit card transactions are secure and to help you receive the lowest possible rates during processing. We're encoding credit card numbers, social security numbers, driver's license numbers and other personal information for greater safety. We've also added the CVV#. That's the 3 digit code on the back of every credit card. This # will provide greater security AND better rates for you. The addition of other relevant information such as name and zip code will help you keep a record on file of any non-tenant purchases that take place should you need to contact them at a later time. Lastly, we've made it possible to set-up auto billing to process a credit card X amount of days after paid-to-date per tenant rather than on a global basis.

Have you ever fallen into a funk thinking that you're software is as good as it's ever going to get? Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I just wish the program would be able to __________" Go ahead, fill in the blank. We've all been there.
QuikStor Express has remained the industry's leading flagship software because QuikStor is constantly releasing new features and program updates based on customer feedback as well as new technologies. What you have to say is important to us, and many of the new features in Express are based on customer suggestions from real-life scenarios that they've encountered while managing a self storage business. QuikStor is constantly working to maintain top of the line products in order to better improve the way owners and managers alike can run their businesses and increase revenue.
There are many other new features that have been added to the latest version of QuikStor Express. For more information please visit or contact sales at (800) 321-1987 or