RV Cooking Show Well-Watched Across the Globe

November 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
The RV Cooking Show recently received an astonishing 21 honors on YouTube for their latest RV Cooking Show episode - Mom’s Famous Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pIHdGAXMrM - during its first few days on the website.

Ranking #1 Recently Featured in the How-to/Style category in 18 countries - on five of the seven continents, viewers from Germany to Australia to Russia to Japan to Brazil to the USA and more helped propel this RV Cooking Show episode to the top. Mom’s Famous Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce also took the #28 spot for Mobile Downloads and was in the top 100 Most Linked To - again in the How-to/Style category. YouTube tracks many statistics for videos - honors are automatically granted by the system to videos which rise to the top.

“I can just imagine Mom’s Famous Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce being prepared and sampled worldwide! These spectacular honors have increased viewership and subscribers - both on YouTube and the RV Cooking Show’s website - http://www.rvcookingshow.com ,” remarked a delighted Evanne Schmarder, the show’s host and producer.

The RV Cooking Show has enjoyed a remarkable response from RVers and those interested in learning more about this mode of travel. Other RV Cooking Show videos have received honors in the past and future kudos are anticipated as the RVing and camping community discovers this gem.

The RV Cooking Show is currently seeking sponsorships. Interested parties may contact Ms. Schmarder at Evanne@RVCookingShow.com or 702-460-9863.

About the RV Cooking Show

A virtual cooking class on wheels with an RV travel component, The RV Cooking Show takes viewers on adventures to some of the most sought-after or interesting but little-known RV locales in the country and then creates a healthy, easy, delicious destination-related dish in host Evanne Schmarder’s RV kitchen. An RV industry insider, full-time RVer Ms. Schmarder connects with viewers in part by “living the (their) RV dream”. She is a professional speaker, writer, foodie and unabashed explorer. She may be contacted at Evanne@RVCookingShow.com or 702-460-9863.