Capital Centre Opened In Grand Fashion

November 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Atlanta, November 26, 2007 - Noted as prime real estate for Internet advertising, Capital Centre kicked off its grand opening November 8th to a host of prospective tenants. And the red carpet treatment was a remarkable opening for a different type of (Class A) commercial property.

It’s fairly unusual to see a website take a position in real estate, but what’s even more unusual is to know that a website can be considered real estate, a term that’s commonly known for realtors and investors. However the term has taken on a whole new meaning on the Internet. That Capital has taken on the expression real estate to secure its position in the vast population of Internet websites.

With its unorthodox approach as being real estate property, Capital Centre bring to the Internets growing business community an upscale luxury that is unheard of on the world wide web, Web Suites. Web Suites, are a designated web page located within Capital Centre that is individually designed to display the profile of a company. And are best utilized to build awareness of a company’s brand by describing its service in a more business-oriented environment. They range from Executive, Presidential, Corporate, Entrepreneur, Proprietor, too Franchise, and are priced in the low to mid $3-$30 dollars a month. Which brings a different platform on the Internet for businesses to advertise on.

“Our beautifully decorated Web Suites are what make Capital Centre prime real estate for Internet advertising,” said Xavier Grimes. “We hope to coin the term so that it become as worldly used as the word blog. But Capital Centre is property that businesses lease web space. Unlike office space for lease, we lease web space or Web Suites. The upper level Web Suites is decoratively designed with amenities such as a Loading Dock; to upload documents, a Rolodex; to view contacts, a Media Room; to view the latest news, and a Conference Room; to chat. With amenities like that we hope to get forty percent of them leased by year end.”

Opening to a much-anticipated group of small and large companies, Capital Centre proved to be clearly, “The Right Place to Do Business”. Many business owners believe that Capital Centre is worth becoming a tenant of and advertise on, and that many of the business components and resources designed into its infrastructure are well worth utilizing. Many of its resources include free music contracts and agreements, business legal forms, templates, IRS forms that can be downloaded. There’s also a forum entitled “Lets Talk” to discuss business, marketing, and money topics that the developer believes is essential for any business who may need advice.

Now that Capital Centre has finally opened, only time will tell how well it does in the near future.