November 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Cupertino, CA Date While focusing on advanced reconstructive surgery for foot disorders, Dr. Michael Cornelison of Cupertino Podiatry Inc., also renders specialized services to restore the function and support of the foot.

With keen detailed examination of myriad foot problems, Dr. Cornelison goes to great lengths to avoid surgery laying emphasis on addressing the basic causes in order to solve the problem. Cupertino Podiatry Inc., also offers long-term relief of symptoms with Therapeutic Footwear and Inserts, Foot, Ankle Treatments and Surgery and Treatment for Sports Injuries. With a skilled team of physicians, surgeons and podiatrists, each patient is given individual care, attention and an organized solution to every foot disorder.
With an in-depth and professional website Cupertino Podiatry Inc., opens out a wealth of information, medical products and services. Cupertino Podiatry also fits patients with therapeutic footwear and inserts or orthotics to accelerate recovery and help in long-term management. The website contains a Patient Resources page with medical and patient registration forms.

About Dr. Michael J. Cornelison: With a Degree in Podiatry, Dr. Michael J. Cornelison completed his residency in the year 2000 in Cupertino, near San Jose, California. Dr. Cornelison joined an existing podiatry practice. After the retirement of the senior podiatrist, Dr. Cornelison formed Cupertino Podiatry Inc., in 2003 and with major customer satisfaction acquired the prestigious Diamond Certified Award.

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