Your RSS feeds, Blogs, Videos, Microformats and more can go mobile “together” now with the TMS Mobile Synchronization Platform.

November 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
After the launching of a 2D barcode Mobile Search Engine, MobiTMS launch V2 of the TMS Republic portal and takes its first step in Europe at the same time launching the French version

The new beta version of TMS Republic, the portal of the Mobile Internet user’s community is accessible in different versions adapted for multi device with a unique address (TMS recognize the device and launch automatically the correct formatted version).

If you access TMS Republic via the web you will arrive to web the portal which offers a user friendly way (via TMS codes) to get the mobile version of Medias and to “mobilize” and share your own generated contents via TMS codes and 2D Barcodes.

MobiTMS has developed a synchronization web/mobile platform which include a RSS feed mobile reader which not only reformats RSS pages and blogs but also the links or videos in the page clicked by the mobile reader. The platform also includes a mobile reader of MICROFORMAT which offers to save the data in the mobile device (address book, note or a calendar event).

The mobile browser version offers access to the TMS Mobile Portal which give a direct link to favorites Social Services (Netvibes, Facebook, Flicks and Twitter*). The Mobile Portal also offers access to a Media center and more as a TMS mobile Wallet for the TMS mobile payment solution “TMS Mobile Payworld” becomes available (to be officially launch in December).
MobiTMS has also developed an iPhone version of this mobile portal (accessible at the same address) and are currently working on an adaptation for Blackberry.
* “TMS TwitterMob” the mobile version of twitter developed by TMS provides, in real time, the mobile version of the “links” (including videos) in the Twitter message and associates the TMS Microformat reader to save the Microformat data on the users phone.

“TMS Republic is a way for MobiTMS to show the capacity of the TMS suite of Internet Mobile Services to create a real and immediate convergence between digital and mobile Now and between communicant objects tomorrow” say Frederick Saurat co-founder of the company. We have also joined the - Google Open Social - program and we are developing mobile widgets to offer some of our major services “TMS Codes, TMS Mobile Payment & Wallet, TMS Mobi ADS …) directly to social network users. We have also dedicated a team to work on the new Mobile OS Android which sounds very interesting.

About MobiTMS
MobiTMS ( is the provider of “TMS” a suite of Internet Mobile services & applications which creates a bridge between print, digital and mobile. The TMS suite allows consumers to Access, Surf and/or Buy contents or products with mobile phones in 1 sequence. TMS is “SIM card OPEN” and can be used everywhere in the world. The worldwide TMS Platform associates a new generation of tools: an international standard 2D barcode technology, a mobile contents management platform (Mobile reader of RSS feeds, web blogs, videos and Microformats), a widgets editor platform and a Mobile Payment solution (with real time mobile billing Telco’s independent). MobiTMS offers the TMS services to the Mobile Internet users community via its multi devices Portal “TMS Republic” ( and the TMS solution to worldwide partners from Advertising & Media linked to I.C.E (Information, Communities, Entertainment) businesses, to optimize the promotion and monetization of contents and products.