Ficstar Expands its Portfolio of Website Grabber Products

November 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Ficstar Software ( has recently expanded the portfolio of products offered as parts of its highly successful Website Grabber solution. The new product is called the "Custom-Designed Web Grabber". Instead of offering a single product for collecting content from different web sites without any changes to the software source code, the Custom-Designed Web Grabber prepares customized solutions for each customer by modifying the software to fit the specific requirements for their target web sites.

With Ficstar Software's core programming being already complete, the customization required for a customer's target web sites - including locating the target URL, identifying the appropriate fields to be extracted, and debugging the software to allow the content to be saved to the appropriate format - can be completed within a few days. Ficstar expect that many clients will prefer this solution to a one-size-fits-all approach, because it "makes them confident the product is actually meeting their own company needs".

With the addition of the new product, the Ficstar Website Grabber aims to become one of the most efficient site scraper providers. Other products already offered as part of the solution are e-commerce, a contact collection solution (which has enjoyed enormous popularity over the last couple of years), web extractor, and web crawler.

The Website Grabber locates and captures information from target sites and automatically transforms them into a text file or database format. It is customized to access any static or dynamic data, including text and images, from most websites.

Ficstar Software is a Toronto - based company offering various data extraction solutions to help organizations capture and safe information from targeted web sites. It provides a broad portfolio of products and solutions, often customized to meet specific client needs. These include business intelligence, web data extraction, and data management, as well as support, consulting, and training services. Besides the popular Website Grabber, it offers a website keyword monitor, a search engine ranking tracker, and a web browsing automator. The company's customers include large organizations such as NASA, CARFAX, PalmOne, etc.

'Site scrapers' have been increasingly popular over the last several years, due to the rising needs of many organizations and companies to search and collect large volumes of data from the Internet. Solutions such as Ficstar's Web Grabber are efficient, since they offer a fully-automated alternative to manual web data extraction, which is eliminates the time, mistakes, and expenses associated with manually finding, collecting, and saving web content.