VisualDxHealth Uses Google’s Technology to Deliver More Health Information to Consumers

November 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
ROCHESTER, NY, November 28, 2007 – VisualDxHealth’s vast database of medical images and information is now able to deliver more information to consumers by pairing up with Google. By using Google’s new custom search engine, VisualDxHealth, , is able to combine the medical knowledge of its editorial staff with Google’s search technology to provide a better, more accurate search experience for patients and health information seekers.

The VisualDxHealth development team has been able to customize search results by using Google’s AJAX APIs. Once a topic is entered into the search engine, results are filtered against trusted lists of medical Web sites approved by the VisualDxHealth editorial staff and appear as tabbed information. Results are delivered in easy-to-understand categories, such as disease overviews, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Mark Lucovsky, Technical Director of Engineering at Google, Inc., told interviewers at Stonetemple Consulting how VisualDxHealth is using custom search engines, stating, “This is a use of the AJAX Search API that has a 5-tab system going. So, anytime you type a search term, you are getting 40 results right there. And, it is being very up front about that this is not coming from the entire Web.”

VisualDxHealth has developed a Web widget of their trusted search engines that is available at Bloggers can add the VisualDxHealth trusted search to their site, therefore, providing their visitors a high-quality medical search engine at no cost. Consumers searching for answers can feel confident that what they are finding is reliable, medically reviewed information.

Rory Burrill, Director of Consumer Health for Logical Images, stated that Google’s technology has greatly enhanced VisualDxHealth, stating, “We are always searching for ways to improve the health information on our site. With the release of Google’s custom search engines, we were able to link our medical expertise with Google’s world-class search technology in a way that provides better information to the consumer, which is what the site is all about.”

About VisualDxHealth
VisualDxHealth,, is a consumer-focused online health resource developed by Logical Images, Inc – the creators of the professional clinical decision support software, VisualDx. Dedicated to providing trusted medical knowledge to anyone at anytime, VisualDxHealth is developed by doctors and health care professionals and is accredited by the Health On the Net Foundation ( VisualDxHealth focuses on “visually identifiable” conditions and diseases including over 2,000 medical-quality images and information on over 150 diseases. VisualDxHealth provides a growing number of innovative health tools such as a skin disease identifier tool, Web widgets, and a trusted health search based on Google’s custom search engine technology.

About Logical Images
Based in Rochester, NY, Logical Images develops visual health care tools to elevate diagnostic accuracy, enhance medical education, and heighten patient knowledge. Logical Images is a company of digital imaging experts, leaders in computer-based design and knowledge management, skilled image archivists, and practicing physicians. The company’s products include VisualDx, visual clinical decision support software, and VisualDxHealth, online consumer wellness and health care resources located at Logical Images has developed the most comprehensive digital medical image library with over 60,000 images including all age ranges and skin types. This extensive collection is the foundation for both the VisualDx professional tool and the VisualDxHealth consumer tool - designed to speed disease recognition for faster, more accurate decision making and patient understanding.