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November 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
(November 29, 2007) David Waldman, Director of ORM services at Reputation Fixer announced that he has registered the company's latest web site designed to help their growing client list combat the danger of negative search results on Google.

"Until recently, this service was an integral component of our broad range of SEO services. But today, with the advent of bloggers, RSS feeds and web sites, anyone can define a person's or company's online identity and challenge their reputation and integrity. Reputation Fixer's focused goal is to clean and protect anyone whose reputation is being threatened."

Waldman highlighted the apparent need for this service by describing a call that came from someone whose online reputation was being threatened by an article written over 15 years ago. The caller was upset because this negative posting could ruin his chances for advancement at his job and might even serve as a basis for dismissal. Clearly the article which was both totally outdated and of questionable relevance when written a decade and a half ago should not have been given the credence it had earned. But its appearing # 3 in the search results for his name, could ruin his career!

What makes this service all the more essential is the ease with which anyone can ruin someone's online reputation. The rise and phenomenal growth of consumer generated media offers the public unlimited and unprecedented opportunities to express their views.

What distinguishes the professionals at Reputation Fixer from many other companies working on the ORM field is their years of experience. They have dealt with assignments in the widest spectrum of the highly competitive SEO Field.

Reputation Fixer can be reached by calling Danny Levy at 617-395-7672 or by writing to