November 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Sound and vibration expert Bruel & Kjaer has eliminated the need for expensive anechoic chamber rooms, in many applications, with one of its newest electroacoustic features, Time Selective Response (TSR).

The TSR method measures a time selective, frequency response using the swept sine technique - a method which has the ability to reject noise and reflections - allowing electroacoustic devices to be evaluated in a normal reverberant environment.

TSR enables users to conduct simulated free field measurements of output response, frequency response, directional response and distortion measurement generated by speakers and transducers, making it suitable for audio engineers performing a wide range of advanced analysis.

To produce high quality loudspeakers, microphones, telephones, headsets, hearing aids and hydrophones, electroacoustic manufacturers must continuously improve their products and processes. Measurement and documentation of these products’ performance during development stages is a key element to the improvement process, for which PULSE Electroacoustics’ solutions are ideally suited.

The PULSE platform has a wide range of analytical capabilities for evaluating electroacoustic devices, allowing users to determine output response, frequency response, harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, difference frequency distortion, directivity, and loudness ratings.

It also provides automatic, real-time corrections for many products - such as microphones, couplers and sound sources – and clearly displays corrected data from non-corrected, removing the need for post-processing amendments.

The electroacoustic application is fully compatible with Bruel and Kjaer’s PULSE hardware front-end platform and the system can be expanded by adding software packages to support vibration analysis, sound quality evaluation, data management, and advanced time data recording and analysis.

Currently there are more than 8,000 PULSE systems in use globally, which are primarily making measurements in Research and Development (R&D) and production test in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, automotive and aerospace.

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