Duo bring fizz into life

November 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Naturopath and herbal practitioner, Rumana Zahn, and life coach, Joo-Lee Stock have launched a coaching initiative called Fizz into Life!, which aims to help executives embrace change and make positive steps to achieve personal and professional success through informal workshops.

The duo run the Fizz into Life! initiative together. Rumana provides the latest advice on getting the most out of health, how to alleviate health problems and ultimately achieve much higher energy levels. Joo-Lee helps people find their inner confidence and unlocks their potential to succeed.

Rumana explained: “We’ve met many busy business people who put their lives on hold. To relax quickly they often abuse alcohol and eat badly, and see less of friends and family, who may be their best source of social support. Weight problems coupled with lack of healthy eating, exercise, and sleep are also very common. It’s a vicious circle with detrimental effects to both personal and professional life.”

Joo-Lee continued: “Being constantly overworked and under pressure is common in British society and is likely to lead to a state of emotional exhaustion and even burnout, which can spell disaster for career success. We estimate that many people exist on less than 50% energy and live a life that they do not find fulfilling and struggle to make any changes.

“Fizz into Life! aims to help people break this cycle and provide quality time for those who are ready to make changes to their life for the better – whether this is looking to improve their confidence or seek ways to achieve their work-life balance.”

Jayne Graham, Director of strategy development consultancy 20:20 Consulting Ltd, hosted the first Fizz into Life workshop. She said: “I spend a lot of my professional life enabling change, but I found it difficult to bring the same level of clarity to my own life. I really needed to release some time to spend on myself, whilst balancing my business and family commitments, but I found it difficult to identify exactly what changes I could really make, and crucially, how to make them! Fizz into Life! provided me with the perfect opportunity to take some time out to concentrate on me, in a relaxed and sociable environment with friends and colleagues. Working with Rumana and Joo-Lee I recognised the areas I needed to address, and this has made a real difference. I have more energy and more time for me, and business is booming as a result!”

Chief Executive of The North East Regional Portal, Norma Foster, said: “I had already started to adopt a healthier way of life and the Fizz into Life! workshop helped me to consolidate my knowledge and keep me on track with adopting not just a balanced attitude and approach to my nutrition, but also helped me adopt the right mindset to ensure that I can deal with anything, no matter how challenging, in a positive and pro-active way.

“Fizz into Life! also helped me to focus on how I was going to achieve my goals both from a personal and a professional perspective. Now I successfully manage a very demanding workload but still have plenty of time for my family, friends and personal interests.”

Rumana said: “Fizz into Life! is aimed at people who want more out of life, and teaches people how they can have it all by showing them how to help themselves. It can help executives hold down a demanding job and have a life. After all an, unhealthy executive will have impaired judgement and make bad decisions, which is not conducive for a healthy business!”

Fizz into Life! can be run for a minimum of 10 participants and through a series of short exercises helps identify areas for improvement and change in a supportive and informal environment. Call 0191 383 9544 or email fizzme@fizzintolife.com for a host pack.