S2 Technologies Delivers Field-Proven Verification-as-Services Solution for Embedded Development

November 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SAN DIEGO–November 28, 2007– In an era where embedded software developers draw heavily on components provided by suppliers or the open-source community or acquired as commercial libraries, the problem of integrating these components with code development in house continues to increase in complexity.

S2 Technologies (S2), the leader in embedded software verification, today announced Verification-as-Services (VaS), the first comprehensive solution for organizations developing software for real-time or embedded applications. The VaS solution enables software development teams to use their own processes while S2’s underlying quality platform creates a shared framework that can be used across all stages of the release cycle.

An innovative business solution, VaS leverages the best aspects of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model popularized by Salesforce.com and managed-services offerings. VaS eliminates the need for an organization to recruit, retrain and retain a large staff of test and verification engineers and managers, because S2 provides the required resources and domain expertise. At the same time VaS is a secure, flexible solution that seamlessly fits into the customer’s environment.

The result is a comprehensive verification solution that is affordable and requires minimal effort on the part of the development team.

Virtually all embedded software development groups recognize that software verification is a problem but lack an effective and ongoing means of addressing it. The VaS solution from S2 brings together its verification expertise, patented technology and ongoing process management to provide a seamless method for verifying embedded code.

“VaS is a strategic solution that frees organizations from the day-to-day management responsibility for software test and verification. It is designed to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and it is a cost-effective solution that ultimately results in better predictability and quality of software deliveries,” explained Philip Micciche, president and CEO of S2.

With VaS, all verification activities are codified as part of a monthly subscription service implemented and maintained by S2 that provides complete management of embedded software verification. This approach eliminates large up-front software license costs and ensures an organization continues to get full value from the solution over time.

How S2’s VaS Solution Works
S2 testing and integration experts observe and document existing development processes, then integrate the verification platform into the key systems used in those processes. S2 verification experts set up software, processes and reports and execute verification activities as an ongoing service for development groups.

VaS incorporates a scalable infrastructure that removes the obstacles for early test and validation success. At every stage, development teams will be able to seamlessly blend testing and verification activities, including planning, analysis, test execution and measurement, with the organization’s embedded software development processes. By including defect tracking, test-asset development and validation, VaS helps to deliver a common view of quality across disparate
parts of an organization during the entire test and integration lifecycle. VaS provides management-level reports on key testing and integration metrics and helps to incorporate rich diagnostic capabilities such as software analysis, testing automation and management.

Another unique aspect of VaS is that it is operated, maintained and enhanced by S2 as new features and techniques become available. Because most development groups have other high-priority objectives to accomplish, S2 automates testing processes, executes tests, certifies components according to predetermined criteria and applies product enhancements on an ongoing basis during the life of the subscription. Development organizations can focus entirely on building the best possible embedded software rather than devoting critical technical resources to testing and verification.

“Many embedded software development teams have a pressing need to integrate and verify code from multiple sources, yet lack the time and resources to do so,” explained Micciche. “Verification-as-Services lets these teams focus on their development activities, while simultaneously enabling a rigorous process for testing and measurement. Verification-as-Services raises the visibility of testing and integration so that management and individual technical staff members can see concrete results from the increased focus on testing.”

About S2 Technologies
S2 Technologies provides products and services to optimize integration of embedded software. Optimizing Integration addresses how development teams integrate, test and continuously verify their software throughout the development
process. The company’s flagship product, STRIDE, an embedded software verification platform, was commercially launched in January 2003 and is used by a number of Fortune 500 companies. S2’s Verification-as-Services (VaS) offering combines its verification domain expertise and unique technology in an ongoing service to help customers improve the predictability and quality of software deliveries, maintain stable software baselines, shorten time required to integrate new features, facilitate distributed and offshore development, and more easily incorporate third-party software. Founded in July 2000, S2 is privately held and headquartered in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. For more information, please visit www.s2technologies.com.