Intelleflex Showcases Extended Capability RFID Cattle Tracking Solution at Canadian Auction

November 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Santa Clara, Calif. – November 28, 2007 – Intelleflex Corporation, the leader in Extended Capability RFID, today announced the successful demonstration of live cattle tracking using its battery-assisted RFID solution at the Calgary Stockyards. Members of various agriculture and food organizations, including Alberta Livestock Industry, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Agriculture Alberta and Food, Canadian Cattle Identification Agency and Livestock Identification Services Ltd., observed how live cattle can be effectively tracked in a real-time, fast-moving auction environment.

Prior to using Intelleflex’s solution, cattle needed to be temporarily halted and identified using manual or close proximity data capture methods. This process does not accommodate the speed of commerce in the cattle industry and can be prone to missed reads. With upwards of 6,000 head of cattle per day moving through individual auction markets, the single filing of livestock is not practical and simply not cost effective.

“The accurate accounting and record keeping of cattle in the industry is an on-going challenge,” said Brent McEwan, Executive Director, Traceability with Alberta Agriculture and Food. “With solutions such as Intelleflex’s, the industry can not only increase operational efficiency and accuracy, but also ensure the best quality product is delivered to consumers.”

Using Intelleflex’s battery-assisted passive RFID platform, livestock can be identified and tracked over long distances and with multiple reads per second across multiple heads of cattle. Intelleflex’s demonstration at the Calgary Stockyards shows how multiple cattle are able to move through the auction process at the speed of commerce, tracking 100% of the cattle consistently. In addition, with Intelleflex’s extended on-tag memory, an entire history, including ownership, inoculation history and location, can be permanently and securely stored with the tag.

“The tracking of cattle presents a unique challenge for RFID. Typical RFID solutions have a difficult time reading around animal bodies, due to physical contact and exposure,” said Steve Smith, senior vice president of Worldwide Sales at Intelleflex. “To overcome these obstacles, Intelleflex works closely with industry organizations, customers and partners to optimize solutions such as this one around the specific needs of their varying application environments.”

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