InfoDyne and RTI Team on High-Performance Market-Data Platform

November 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
CHICAGO, IL–November 28, 2007–InfoDyne Corporation, a leading provider of low-latency, high-performance market-data technology, today announced that it has entered into a strategic relationship with Real-Time Innovations (RTI), The Real-Time Middleware Experts, to offer RTI’s ultra low-latency messaging middleware as an embedded transport option within InfoDyne’s TPS+Plus Market-Data Platform.

Under this relationship, InfoDyne will package and license RTI’s messaging software along with TPS+Plus and will provide direct support for the integrated solution. The two firms bring together more than 30 years of combined expertise. RTI has a proven track record in developing high-performance middleware for a broad range of industries and is quickly establishing a foothold in the financial markets. InfoDyne is an established pioneer in direct exchange-feed connectivity and a recognized leader in high-performance market-data technology.

The two firms have completed the integration work, which involved implementing RTI’s messaging software as a configurable adaptor option within the TPS+Plus middleware infrastructure and application programming interfaces. All of InfoDyne’s supported datafeeds and system functionality are available as part of the solution. Customers can now select RTI, along with other adaptors, within the feed-processing, distribution or client-access tiers of TPS+Plus. The adaptor selections at these multiple touch-points offer a variety of service levels for customer applications with varying degrees of market-data consumption needs.

“It’s all about servicing multiple types of customer applications without sacrificing throughput or increasing latency,” said Falke Bruinsma, head of Development at InfoDyne. The new architecture combining TPS+Plus and RTI’s middleware will allow for high-volume distribution to large applications, the availability of partitioned services for tailored applications and selective data access for low-consuming applications—all from the same set of feed handlers. “We’ve maintained the low cost of deployment and ownership, since the feed-processing tier can be deployed once and yet service broad numbers and types of applications,” Bruinsma concluded.

RTI has been benchmarked at more than three million messages per second with mean latencies as low as 43 microseconds in Gigabit Ethernet environments. This reduces end-to-end latency within TPS+Plus to less than 150 microseconds, including all feed-handler processing activities and delivery to customer applications. In addition, overall throughput is essentially linear as more feed handlers are added, and the maximum throughput is limited only by available network bandwidth.

“We recognized RTI as a complementary partner, with the same focus and attention to product quality and customer commitment,” said Guy Tagliavia, president and CEO of InfoDyne. “This relationship brings together a fully integrated solution with the strong commitment to customer support for which our two firms are known.”

“RTI and InfoDyne will continue to work together closely to ensure our combined solution meets customers' expectations for quality and performance," added Stan Schneider, CEO of RTI. "The combined performance of our industry-leading low-latency solutions gives traders a significant competitive speed advantage packaged within a fully integrated and supported solution."

TPS+Plus integrated with RTI’s messaging middleware is available today from InfoDyne.

About RTI
Real-Time Innovations (RTI) provides high-performance infrastructure solutions for the development, deployment and integration of real time, data-driven applications. RTI's messaging, caching, Complex Event Processing (CEP) and visualization capabilities deliver dramatic improvements in latency, throughput and scalability while slashing cost of ownership. The company's software and design expertise have been leveraged in a broad range of industries including defense, intelligence, simulation, industrial control,transportation, finance, medical and communications. Founded in 1991, RTI is privately held and headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. For more information, please visit

About InfoDyne
InfoDyne Corporation ( has been a pioneer in providing market leading enterprise products and solutions to the financial marketplace for over 15 years. With a commitment to eliminating market data latency, InfoDyne delivers ticker plant, execution management, and middleware technology — solutions that offer a quantifiable market advantage, a reduced cost of ownership, and a high rate of return.

InfoDyne’s TPS+Plus ticker plant system integrates direct exchange, ECN, and consolidated feeds, including all North American and most major global exchange feeds, to provide dramatically faster data delivery than traditional market data consolidators, and at a significantly lower cost. InfoDyne’s EMS+Plus solution offers direct trade and order routing to major exchanges, ECNs, and other trading partners. All InfoDyne products are compatible with the leading client site system solutions currently in the market, including InfoDyne’s own high-performance Middleware technology. InfoDyne’s TPS+Plus, EMS+Plus, and Middleware system solutions are deployed on-site within a customer’s own data center or as a fully managed service at a shared data center facility.

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