Touch Point – The New Age Visitor Management and Office Administration System Launched by Cogent Innovations

November 29, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Mr. Md. Faizullah, Director of Cogent Connect opines that, “Organizations today are keen into shifting to a fully automated, systematized process for all of their operations but however seem to pay little attention to automating the activities of the Front end security desk. They fail to realize that the entry point and the manner in which the visitor is handled at the security/reception area is not only an image creator, but also speak volumes on the professionalism of the set up. Therefore proper handling of the office administration operations especially with respect to front office activities not only tells upon the effectiveness of the organization, but also calls attention to lot more complicated issues like security and confidentiality”.

“Touch Point” is thus the cost effective solution to those organizations who would like to effectivise their front office functions. In most organizations today, Visitor management consists of visitors scribbling their name in a paper book. Touch Point is a unique Visitor Management Software that assists you in professionalizing the manner in which you welcome your visitors. The Visitor Management Module allows you to welcome and manage your incoming and outgoing visitors’ whether they are planned or not. This software is a complete Visitor Management service to improve the efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of your businesses. The Visitor Management module assists in capturing all-relevant information about the visitor which is automatically captured in a database, and a professional quality visitor badge is printed. No need to encode regular visitors again, they are automatically stored in the database and, when visiting again, they will easily be found.

Touch Point does not limit itself with just the Visitor Management Module but has various other facilities that make life simpler for the office administration team. The modules include Appointment Management module, Employee Management module, Contractor Management module, Material Management module, Vehicle Management module, Key Management module, Call Management module and a Miscellaneous Management module. This easy to use, menu driven product has also adhered to ISO 27001 operating guidelines, especially with respect to their Material Management module, which has built in the required control mechanism. Even routine but very vital functions like vehicle and key movement have a meticulous tracking mechanism built into the respective modules.

This easy to use, menu driven product has also adhered to ISO 27001 operating guidelines, especially with respect to their Material Register module, which has built in the required control mechanisms. Another vital feature of Touch Point is the generation of customized reports, which can be taken by the user either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and the provision of a mail escalation facility in case of deviations from standards defined in the back end by the user. In addition to the report generation facility, the Fields in each display screen can also be custom defined based on the business activity of the user.

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