The Six Week Coaches Participants to a Life by Design

November 29, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
A recently launched personal development course, The Six Week, provides an innovative new program for participants to reach goals and achieve ‘life by design.’ The program is designed to develop awareness and clarity across multiple facets of life, including health and fitness, personal finance, spirituality and relationships.
By combining an innovative course structure inside the context of a team of participants, The Six Week provides the opportunity to truly achieve life’s ambitions by living ‘all-out’ for a period of six weeks. Participants exercise five days per week for at least one hour and make new commitments around nutrition that has them living in a state of ‘ultimate clarity and health.’

Participants in The Six Week attend three in-person classroom sessions that create a unique team environment that fosters accountability. The course kicks off with a one-day classroom where participants learn the rules and distinctions that they’ll use for the duration of the course. A weeknight classroom at the mid-point provides additional coaching and introduction of new concepts, and a final weekend completion day integrates the breakthroughs of the previous six weeks and provides the team the opportunity to acknowledge individual accomplishments.

"There are several different domains in which personal growth occurs," said Aaron S. Pava, entrepreneur, life coach and course leader for The Six Week, "Developing high levels of awareness in each of these areas alone is a major breakthrough for people."

Those who sign up for the course receive a customized notebook to track their finances, sleep, and nutrition. The notebooks also serve as journals to help develop more awareness on topics ranging from career and education to recreation. Support also comes in the form of a buddy system and a weekly coaching call with the course leaders. The weekly calls ensure accountability and provide an opportunity for the introduction of new concepts.

"All too often we conduct our lives on auto-pilot and don't take the proper time to assess how we could be spending each hour of each day," says Alexis Shepperd Ph.D., a life coach and current 6 Week participant. "The 6 Week is helping me discover and clarify how I can take different areas of my life, like my career, to a new level. It's been great in helping me design a balance between my work and personal life," she continued.

The newly launched Six Week wiki is fast becoming a resource hub for services, tips, and inspiration for 6 Week participants. Leveraging the power of web-based wikis with old-fashioned teamwork, participants are well-equipped to deliver on the course’s promise: to create and live a life by design. The Six Week is a powerful new course that delivers inspiring results.

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