Long Term Care Seminar Program Starts in December

November 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Jupiter, Florida, November 30, 2007 – Who needs long term care insurance? How much does it cost? Which carriers offer the best policies? What help is available from the state of Florida? Uncle Sam? Who can qualify for group-rate discounts? Such questions will be answered in a series of seminars or speeches by one of the nation's top experts on long term care insurance. Jupiter-based Lonnie Hoffman, Partner of LTC Financial Partners (LTCFP), will respond to speaking requests from local groups of all kinds. Starting this December, the presentations may be scheduled throughout 2008.

"Any organization may request a speech, seminar, or workshop," says Hoffman. "It can be a local club, religious organization, association, or other group — even a few friends concerned about the issue." Local companies and human resource departments may also request presentations; in their case, the emphasis will be on workplace issues related to long term care needs that affect productivity.

"We have a special program on the aging workforce," says Hoffman. "Aging workers have been losing productivity, but it's not because they're losing ability." Quite the opposite, she emphasizes. "Often they're the most capable, indispensable people on the team. It's because they're distracted by the care needs of others who are also getting older: an incapacitated parent or spouse." Following one of Hoffman's presentations, companies may request an extensive employee-education program designed to keep productivity at a maximim. It's called the Long Term Care Outreach and Education Program, or LTCOEP™.

Hoffman's organization is the nation's most experienced long term care insurance brokerage, representing multiple leading carriers; and Hoffman is a highly-regarded specialist in the field. Hoffman will begin each presentation with an overview of long term care insurance, and will then answer questions from the audience.

"We Americans are living longer than ever," says Hoffman. "That means chances are greater than ever that we or a loved one will need long term care someday. But the costs to individuals can be devastating if you don't plan ahead. And the cost to companies can be lost profits or worse." Long term care is the answer, she says; people should not assume than Medicaid will pay their care bills. "Recent legislation makes it harder to rely on public assistance, but new government incentives are making private insurance more attractive." Hoffman will describe the latest developments in each presentation; and she will identify key carriers approved by Florida.

Groups or companies wishing to schedule Hoffman for a speech or workshop may do so at — www.ltcfp.us/lonniehoffman.

As a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a B.S. in Health Administration, Lonnie Hoffman has been focusing on baby boomer and senior issues. She has been working with the children of seniors, as well as seniors, educating them and helping them move into retirement and assisted living communities in the Florida area.

She saw first hand the power of choice, when folks had LTC insurance; it helped soften the burden on the family as well as helped preserve assets. She became licensed in 2004, as a specialist in Long Term Care. As an independent agent representing all major carriers, she is able to help the American people design their own long term care strategies.

Lonnie is active with several organizations helping them educate the public about long term care resources. She is also available for speaking engagements and educating groups about the long term care market.

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