Gets a New Look for a New Model Year

December 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News, a newly re-designed news and automotive data website, provides up-to-date information on a wide range of vehicles and car makers, often providing data in advance of the manufacturers’ own websites. This material is augmented by an extensive knowledge base of articles and reviews covering wide-ranging topics relative to buying and owning an automobile in the 21st century. Taken as a whole, is a “one stop shop” for the automotive consumer and enthusiast.

With a new model year approaching,, a full-featured auto news and automotive information website based in San Jose, California, decided to overall its own chassis to offer readers a fresh, intuitive design for 2008 showcasing the site’s cutting edge reviews and articles.

The re-vamped design provides an easy index of vehicles by manufacturer down the left side with recent news and articles highlighted in twin boxes at the center of the page. Below that the most recent reviews, with hybrid vehicles highlighted in a separate list, are displayed with a photo and a brief summary.

“We listened to our readers,” said Wes Mayder, CEO and President of “With more and more brands entering the North American market and companies restructuring their stable of vehicles the information the consumer is trying to sort through is just staggering. Our readers said they wanted a simple, intuitive front page with links straight to the in-depth material they need. I think that’s what we’ve provided.”

There was a time in the U.S. when the average car buyer felt as though they had two choices, a Ford or a Chevy. Those days have long passed and many times consumers don’t know anything about the maker whose product they are considering. To address this gap in information, Carseek provides a profile of each manufacturer with links to the models currently being offered.

“It’s my personal belief that consumers want to be as informed as possible before spending their hard earned money in this economy,” said Mayder. “They want to know something about the automaker. And then there are those topics they’ve just never had to think about before.”

Mayder cited the wide range of high tech amenities now available as well as the growing number of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. “We decided to prominently showcase hybrid reviews because the genre is exploding in the automotive world. It’s really confusing when you’re trying to make the decision between a hybrid and a conventional petroleum vehicle. People simply need more help buying a car than ever before. They’re overwhelmed. We don’t want them having to hunt and peck around for that information when we can easily put it right where they need it — on the front page.“

Known for their trademark frank reviews, Carseek’s writers focus on core features like safety standards, fuel performance, aerodynamics, interior amenities, cargo volume, and towing capacity. In addition to weekly postings of 2008 reviews, the site works to educate readers with articles on fuel economy and emerging technology as well as topics relative to leasing, buying used vehicles, and insuring teenage drivers.

“We were certainly careful not to bury that kind of information in the new design,” said Mayder. “We put some articles in the spotlight in our ‘Talking Corner’ in the center of the home page and the whole library of articles can be accessed from the top menu bar just by clicking ‘Articles.’ We tried to keep everything clearly visible and easily accessible. The best site in the world is no good to the reader if they can’t find what they need.”

Additionally, the Carseek site makes it easy for the reader to receive price quotes and to look into insurance and financing options. New and updated material is added to the site regularly and the editors invite your questions, comments, and ideas. Send email to:


Corporate Summary, based in San Jose, California, works with a nationwide clientele. Since its launch in 2005, Carseek has processed more than 200,000 new car purchases. With an expanding database of news, articles, and more than 350 extensive car reviews, the site is a “one stop shop” for auto enthusiasts and new car buyers.

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