ArtJen’s Patented Weight Loss Product FBCx Shown To Lower LDL And Trans Fats In Blood

November 29, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Windsor, ON November 30, 2007 — ArtJen Complexus Holdings Corp. ( is pleased to announce the results of three separate animal studies conducted by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute of the NIH into the effects of FBCx on blood fats. The exciting data presented at the 2007 Obesity Society meeting in October indicates that FBCx specifically lowered blood bad trans and saturated fats while increasing the good omega 3 and 6 fats.

The presentations entitled, “Alpha-Cyclodextrin Specifically Lowers Plasma Trans Fatty Acids in 3 Mouse Models” was co-authored by Drs. Elke Wagner and Alan Remaley of Lipid Metabolism Section of the NIH and ArtJen’s Drs. Catherine Jen and Joseph Artiss. Jen is quoted as saying that, “We have not been able to find any published reports of a product that specifically lowers blood levels of trans fats.” Artiss continues that “Trans and saturated fats have been linked to an increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and obesity, and because of this, many jurisdictions are banning them from foods.”

The co-inventors of FBCx are Associate Professor of Pathology Joseph Artiss, Ph.D., FACB and K-L Catherine Jen, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Nutrition and Food Science, both of Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. “I have spent my entire career studying obesity, and FBCx works where other block-busters have failed to live up to their hype”, said Dr. Jen.

The data presented at the world’s largest scientific meeting on obesity concluded that:
- FBCx is effective at lowering the pro-atherogenic blood LDL cholesterol
- FBCx improved the fat profile of the test animal’s blood by lowering the saturated and trans fats relative to the healthier unsaturated fats
- FBCx appears to be effective for management of blood lipid levels
“We were very excited to be asked by our colleagues at the NIH if they could study the lipid lowering effects of FBCx.”, said Artiss, “Their results were so exciting that we hope that this is just the first of many opportunities to work with Dr. Remaley and his team.”

About Us:

ArtJen Complexus Holdings Corp. is the sole manufacturer of FBCx tablets, an all-natural, patented, dietary fiber. FBCx has the very unique ability to bind nine times its own weight in dietary fat, essentially preventing 80 calories per tablet from being absorbed. Taken as directed, two tablets of FBCx per fat-containing meal are capable of removing about 50-60% of the calories from a typical North American diet. This facilitates a safe rate of decrease in body weight of about 1-1½ pounds per week.

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