launches new options for traffic statistics filters

December 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News, which has recently gained popularity with the wide range of free tools it offers as part of its customer accounts, has launched a new feature which allows customers to choose how to filter their traffic statistics depending on their particular business needs.

The holders of free accounts at the website can select their desired time span for monitoring traffic to their website - day, week, month, etc. They can also decide on what particular features of website traffic statistics they want to look for - pageloads, unique visitors, returning visitors, clicks. Thus, the service offered becomes very flexible and can easily be amended to meet specific customer needs depending on the type of information needed. has recently become very popular with the free services it offers for webmasters looking for a convenient website statistics counter. One reason for this popularity is that the company is regularly offering new solutions based on clients' preferences and recommendations. If a webmaster thinks of a tool that might be effective and of use for website traffic tracking, they may suggest that it be developed by the website's team.

Part of this customer-tailored development programme is the current preparation of over 50 new tools which will soon be part of the company's free package, including back link checker, cloaking checker, keyword density checker, keyword suggestion, link popularity, domain checkups, IP location, website speed test, meta-tags generator, list cleaner, UNIX time converter. is almost entirely financed by advertising, which allows it to provide its multiple services completely free of charge. Some of the tools currently offered as part of its free customer accounts are highly detailed recent statistics, including all time totals and counts, visible, invisible, plain text, or gif counters, detailed summaries and visitor reports. Many of the tools available are used by webmasters as a suitable replacement of customer surveys to learn details about a website's customers - keyword activity, country/language pairs, referring pages, pageloads, unique visitors, etc.

The website has also launched new language versions to become available for non-speakers of English. Its development team has installed a quick way to translate any webpage on the website into Spanish, German, French and Italian. All visitors have to do is simply click on the appropriate flag in the upper right hand corner of the screen.