The CMX7141 Processor is Launched

December 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Maldon, Essex, England — CML Microcircuits ( a leading innovator and provider of low-power semiconductors for Global wireless and wireline communications markets, announces the launch of the CMX7141, a highly integrated and adaptable digital PMR (dPMR) processor built on CML’s proprietary FirmASIC® technology.

CML Microcircuits is a founding member of the recently formed dPMR MoU group, along with the Kenwood Corporation, Fylde Micro, CTE International and ICOM Incorporated, dedicated to the promotion of dPMR technology and the future developments of this new digital protocol. CML is a central player in providing small, low-cost, low-power semiconductors to aid the deployment of such dPMR products.

The incorporation of FirmASIC® technology allows the product’s function and feature set to be easily configured via special Function Image™ data files. These are uploaded during device initialisation, either automatically from an external EEPROM or via a host microcontroller over the built-in C-BUS serial interface. Function Image™ FI-1.0 facilitates dPMR; offering users improved speech quality, better spectrum efficiency and high-speed data - the key objectives for digital private mobile radio (dPMR) systems.

The CMX7141 is a compact, low-cost, low power processor, utilising a limiter discriminator based RF transceiver for fast time-to-market of new wave digital PMR (dPMR) radios. The product includes dual-mode capability for interoperability with legacy analogue PMR systems, so as to provide conventional CTCSS/DCS PMR services.

Conforming to ETSI dPMR Standard TS102-490 and general digital PMR in 6.25kHz and 12.5kHz channels, the CMX7141 is fully adaptable to radio design requirements, supporting both digital and analogue protocols. The product offers both Air interface physical layer (Layer 1) and Air interface data link layer (Layer 2) for dPMR, a 4-level FSK modem with soft decision decoding, vocoder connectivity (where CML’s recently launched CMX618 vocoder or similar could be used), along with auxiliary ADCs and DACs.

The CMX7141 operates from a single 3.3V supply with flexible powersave modes. The product is available in a 48-pin VQFN or LQFP package. An Evaluation kit is available for this product (DE6181). Further product information is available from CML’s website, with free applications consultation available from CML’s global technical support teams (