Introduces The Original $50 Flyer Writing Service For Small Businesses

December 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SAN DIEGO, CA Most small businesses operate on a tight budget, and having ad flyers printed and distributed constitutes a major advertising expense. As far as writing the copy, those entrepreneurs were on their own … until now. Flyer Writer is the pen name of a freelance copywriter with nearly 25 years of creative marketing experience. He normally writes for ad agencies, design firms, and companies. As Flyer Writer, he swoops in and rescues businesses by writing their flyers for just $50. That fee would ordinarily buy less than 20 minutes of his time. Why does he do it?

"Like most freelance copywriters, I often have odd bits of time to fill between appointments, or commuting, or waiting for someone," he says. "If I can knock off a quick project in that time and help a business grow, it's a win-win situation."

Flyer Writer brings to local business flyers the same high-level marketing expertise that he brings to brochures, websites, and advertising campaigns.

Of course, a flyer has a simplicity of purpose that makes it a snap for such an experienced copywriter to go straight to the heart of what will stop and then motivate a potential customer.

Unlike a sales letter or brochure, a flyer is a quick hit. It must deliver a simple, compelling message on the way to the recycling bin. And where Flyer Writer adds value, is in distilling that message to its most-potent form.

"Writing flyers is quick and fun," he says. "This is really no different than me helping someone with their flyer over lunch. But with, I can help business owners all over the country and collect lunches from all of them!"

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Flyer Writer is the not-so-secret identity of a freelance copywriter based in California. Better known for his award-winning work on major advertising campaigns and marketing communication assignments, he also writes flyers.