Offset Mortgage Centre Explains What to Look At In An Offset Mortgage Comparison

December 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Offset Mortgage Centre ( is pleased to announce the recent publication of their free online guide ‘What to Look at in an Offset Mortgage Comparison’. As the title suggests, the guide explains the various features of an offset mortgage, how they apply to the borrower and how to conduct and offset mortgage comparison. The guide along with more from the series can be found here

“When the first offset mortgage was introduced into the UK in 1997 no one could do an offset mortgage comparison because there was only one product on the market – the Virgin One Account,” said Terry Ruddy, Online Marketing Director at The Offset Mortgage Centre, “since then the number and range of offset mortgages has increased to about 250 offset products.”

The guide begins by explaining how an offset or flexible mortgage works by giving typical examples that will help with an offset mortgage comparison. The guide also explains how borrowers with current accounts or credit card debt can benefit from on offset mortgage.

The guide then goes on to explain the key factors the borrower must consider when making an offset mortgage comparison such as amount of savings and whether overpayments, underpayments, payment holidays and borrow back features are required.

With many people who take out an offset mortgage able to pay off their mortgage early, in some cases by as much as 8 years, it is clear why offset mortgages are so attractive.

About The Offset Mortgage Centre

The Offset Mortgage Centre is a non profit website designed to provide a comprehensive resource for visitors interested in gaining more flexibility, saving money or reducing the term of their home finance.

The goal of the website is to educate the mortgage layman in the concept, features, benefits and negative aspects of a Flexible or Offset Mortgage.

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